I thought of rangeing for cheap OSRS GP  a short time while earning some money. (I have 75 range and 81 defense) i will be useing full range, runecbow and wide bolts. Should i train on iron dragons or avies? Notes: Iron dragones: I'll pick up all charms, dragon mid-helms, dragon skirts, dragon legs, and of course faces, left shield half,effigies, i am not sure about the elite clues, all coins the tooth key half, and dragon stones,

I will alch: all rune objects (limbs bar, bars, 2h Kitshield, square shield, full helm, mid helm) Aviansies: I will grab all the adamant bars. I will all alch runite limps and daggers. Remember that Avies Addy bars are very common, while daggers and limps don't seem to be too common . Irons drops, however, are rarest of all as well as some that look like vissies can be found but they are worth much more than avies common drops. Any additional suggestions or details would be appreciated and thanked.

Personally, I'd recommend the Karamja the dungeon just outside of the Tz-Haar area. There's a variety of options to choose from It is possible to mash them right there with a normal weapon, food, and a bunyip in the event that you are able. Alternately, you can halberd the swarm from a safe location, or make use of range from a safe spot that is food-free.

You can also choose the cannon that you could test by itself, or as a combination of any or all of these. Of obviously, there are more places to explore, though I'd highly recommend this area for sure. I just realized that the title states greaters but the content states lessers.

If the job is greaters, then rs 2007 gold my only recommendation would be the brimhaven dungeon. There are a variety of the mentioned options, though you have to fight the terror dogs too. Sadly, there aren't many great options for greaters (no no pun meant) However, you must continue to fight even if you're facing those.