Chain & fast-food restaurants have been adopting touch screen displays at their point of sale for well over a decade since they were the first to grasp their potential. Anyone who has visited one and seen them in use, yet few people pause to think about why. Indeed, there are several reasons why they were the first organizations to make a move, and it is for these same reasons that retail enterprises all over the world favor Touch Screen Monitors.

To begin with, they now provide significantly more capabilities and options while remaining very simple to use. Retailers have been moaning for years about the lack of literacy and general low IQ of the labor pool they are compelled to recruit. Touch screen displays are one of the long-overdue answers to this dilemma.

Simply, any amateur can run one, and they eliminate the need for any memorization. If you glance around the counter at the touch screen displays used by fast-food restaurants, you might notice that they are plastered with images of the food they offer. When you order a burger, the employee behind the counter merely touches the burger image on the screen.

For retail businesses, this means that perishable items and products that are small or don't have surfaces that can be bar-coded can now be accurately accounted for. It's just that much less that you have to rely on unpredictable employees. Remember, the tighter and more visible your accounting, the less likely you are to be targeted for employee theft.

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