As 2018 continues, one thing is undeniable - there are some absolutely amazing martial arts movie news in 2017, including some actions beyond the world! Before we enter the most anticipated martial arts films in 2018, it is of course necessary to review the best martial arts movie news in 2017, and then we will count down the fighting scenes of the top ten martial arts films in 2017. Well, before we launch the action filled works of 2018, we must first complete the outline of the greatest works of 2017 - no puns! Therefore, readers, please fasten your seat belt. The following is the KFC's four martial arts movie news in 2017!

"Plan B"

As the first feature film of the German stunt team Reel Deal action, plan B is a tribute to the love of the 1980s. Like John Vick and the unlucky star, it further strengthens the view that stunts are more suitable for the best action lens than others. When the aspiring action stars in Reel Deal action found themselves trying to escape the clutches of Berlin's most ruthless gangster, they were forced to test their extensive physical skills in an exciting mixture of comedy and martial arts. From back to the future to Michael Jackson's thriller, plan B is full of affectionate tribute to all works. Plan B sent it a fresh and nostalgic love letter of the 1980s with a lot of wonderful actions and thrilling stunts!

Special Forces 2: the road of black money

One of the best screen images of karalipayatu's ancient art is vidyut jamwal, who once again raised the threshold of Indian action in Commando 2: black money trail. This time, our hero changed from John Rambo to James Bond to fight a secret money laundering plan that sucked money from India into the coffers of the most evil criminal leaders. The opening action scene looks like the offspring of the raid and district B13, which makes the audience feel that the money is worth it from the beginning. Jamwal's incredible physical quality, square chin and tall charm amazed the audience of the whole film. Rest assured, what impressed the audience was Commando 2!

The birth of the Dragon

Bruce Lee's legend and Jack Huang have been transformed into the most interesting Bruce painting film ever. The duel between "dragon" and the second famous kung fu masters has recreated "Dragon: Bruce Lee's story" on the big screen after 1993. The birth of the Dragon largely fictionalizes the situation surrounding the battle, but at the same time, it also shows us the immortal effect of such a historical site when it rises to the level of "legend".

Some may need exceptions to the arrogant and arrogant attitude of Bruce exhibits in the film until you realize that it should have been a fable, and Bruce embodies his later omniscient attitude to seek to reform the martial arts world, while Huang Jack embodies the Enlightenment of Bruce will get a battle. Philip ng and Xia Yu absolutely nail Bruce and Huang. There is no doubt that this film entertains the duel Park of Bruce and Huang!

Ace agent: Golden Circle

Spy movies rarely have the "itchy" tone of the crazy tone and ACE spy series, and at the midpoint of the Golden Circle, you'd like them to do more. In the sequel "Kingsman: Secret Service" in 2015, the nominal British spy organization eliminated poppy Adams by the spiritual virus owl, forcing Kingsman's surviving agent, eggsy Merlin, and the American secret spy organization and politician to stop her evil plot. The extreme madness of the first film was amplified in the Golden Circle, the Golden Circle There is a more cartoon evil villain with a more eccentric and crazy plan. With the help of Brad Allen, a senior actor of Jackie Chan's stunt team, the action scene was completely crazy and reached a more crazy height. Finally, in the last battle, everything from Taser lasso to meat grinder was used as a combat weapon. Let's admit this - John in the film version· Denver's "country road" is better than the real article!