The 2021 holiday season is approaching in a few days, and shoppers will be exploring different products for the best deals. People prefer online shopping and the volume will surge at a rapid pace throughout the holiday season. A study discovered that over 50% of consumers are waiting to make most of their holiday online purchases. This large number will bring numerous challenges for online sellers. The most popular one is to provide optimized site performance and personalized customer experience.

As holiday season is reaching, most merchants would be looking for some quick tips to boost their online sales. So how to increase online sales? As an e-commerce business owner, you need to make most of the holidays in terms of increasing profits.

Tips to Boost Sales during Holiday Season

  1. Use Powerful Extensions

Many e-commerce websites fails to engage target audience as they have a confusing, hard-to-use extensions that impacts everything from page’s design to ad preferences. However, all worries be eliminated when your website suddenly surges with the type of functionality and traffic you are looking.

This is possible with trusted Magento 2 extension development to craft more logical and intuitive way of designing your product’s platform. This ultimately helps with better showcase of products to audience, and fully developed delivery of all website functions.

  1. Clear Call-to-Action Buttons

Once you have added powerful extension under the hood, your website has all elements for customer engagement. Using new extensions, build more sophisticated, catchy call-to-action pop-ups on your website page.

CTAs are helpful navigation guidance, informing the customer of all selections within the product page. Such buttons give insights regarding customer’s shopping or viewing habits, and suggesting similar products they’re likely to purchase.

  1. Seamless Mobile Experience

In last few years mobile e-commerce has grown to new heights. Smartphones and tablets are the biggest web traffic drivers, particularly during the festive period. Companies with a mobile-first website design see a rapid surge in sales over companies having desktop-only websites. Therefore, to increase sales, your website should be mobile-friendly.

Make sure Magento developers create campaigns around all the mobile devices that people will be using to access online store. Adaptive design should be your topmost priority to ensure website is visible as well as accessible via any device. Just focus on creating an effective and safe mobile commerce platform.

  1. Social Media Marketing

To boost sales, it is important to know your target audience and find different means to engage them. Social media helps to make both these things possible, and hence, has become a major strategy for customer conversions. It provides valuable insights by observing, compiling, and analyzing discussions regarding your brand, industry, and competitors.

In simple terms, social media is a cheap, easily accessible, and most importantly, extremely popular. It is by far the most successful marketing tool. Just a like or share on social media can give a huge boost to e-commerce website brand reputation. What’s more, social shares give a surge to search engine ranking of website content.

  1. Focus on Customer Service

Good customer service is one of the best tips to boost online sales. It is of paramount importance to retain customers, regardless of how busy you are during the holiday season. Make your customers feel valued by sending personalized emails or letters.

There are other ways to improve customer service for the holiday season. For instance, make sure orders are delivered on time. It is the top priority of festive season shoppers. Customers look for optimized website and it is important to focus on Magento speed optimization for desired business outcome. Speed is an essential factor from SEO perspective as well.

Wrapping Up:

The festive season is a perfect time to not only make profits, but also leverage on the opportunity to build significant customer base. Today’s online shoppers are smart and it becomes challenging to attract them. Learn your customers’ needs and fill up your stock with essential products. Follow above-mentioned tips to boost online sales this festive season.