The structure belonging to the cigarette is superior, the filter is without a doubt blue, the body belonging to the cigarette is the white kind of, the pattern in the filter is the ocean breaking wave, additionally, the number 16 is with it. The taste is prominent additionally, the aroma of filled wine is just a little thick. The original fragrance of tobacco is simply not very Kill. Your wine is long-lasting and even mellow, it warrants recommending. Because in its strong cigarette smoke and soft fragrance. In the calm and rich quality, it is always difficult to conceal the wonder of Yunyan's great curve. The just a little sweet smoke can bring a moist and even elegant taste. Lightweight it up, spit it out with the first mouth, and inhale gently with the second mouth. The smoke stays with the throat and is more enjoyable, the fragrance is without a doubt delicate and chic, the smoke is without a doubt slowly exhaled belonging to the nose, the quality is mellow, that fragrance is innovative, and the last mouth; Inhale some harder; the smoke is without a doubt directly pressed inside the lungs, smooth and even comfortable, without aggravation, not dry and dry, the smoke circulates with the lungs, full and even rich, mellow and even fresh, elegant and even long, suitable designed for energy Marlboro Lights, the cigarette smoke is exhaled, additionally, the entrance is Needless to say mellow, comfortable and smooth with the throat, a small amount of consecutive puffs, the smoke can be smooth as well before, without any smells, the faint pure fragrance is pleasant, secretive, charming, rife with taste, natural and even smooth. The synchronised ratio highlights that natural mellow, clear and lively characteristics belonging to the smoke in total. It highlights that classic taste after the blasting beads typically are not squeezed, and most important ones the mellow and even sweet characteristics in cloud-produced smoke. The recycleables are selected and even blend the fruity fragrance of tangerine peel additionally Newport 100S, the mellow and great aroma of coffee. The aroma in tea and tobacco smoking are harmoniously divesified. The fresh and even sweet tar degree is 6mg, that is definitely the ideal external value that cigarette lovers become more enthusiastic about. Incorporating mint pop drops, the tobacco fragrance is rich, podgy and comfortable well before squeezing, and the tobacco smoking aroma and mint aroma are quite harmonious after squeezing, and you don't have special cold tastes. Those with a sufficient amount of cooling, smooth cigarette smoke, and refreshing aftertaste is bound to win the minds of more users! The cool tone design like coarse ink brings a feeling of mystery. The trademark model with novel and even unique hollow sizes and shapes and cut shapes is known for a strong visual impact together with a good anti-counterfeiting impression, giving consumers an important deep memory and preference to buy. The ice beads with the latest lithography convex replicate technology have creative transformations on their explosive effects and even taste, and use graphic language to say information, allowing consumers to find out the design process and inner meaning at a relatively short precious time. A small bit of red inner structure paper carries over the "golden section" belonging to the entire cigarette court case Marlboro Red. The low-key fashion reveals the unique "careful thinking". Furthermore, its black packaging uses modern environmentally friendly soy printer ink, and the paper implements a mirror laser to help make the surface different textures delicate, as soft as silk, and comfortable to touch, which makes people fantastic.
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