Becoming a parent with twins is an amazing and exciting experience as well as scary. You may not be aware of how much risk increases occurs during pregnancy to the mother and babies. Some of the risks included in the twin pregnancy - hypertension, high blood pressure. Vanishing twin symptoms, twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS) and Intrauterine Growth Restriction Twins (IUGR), and more.


What are Intrauterine Growth Restriction Twins?

Intrauterine growth restriction, or IUGR, is a condition in which the baby in the womb or a fetus does not grow well or slower growth of the babies. So precisely, a baby or twins that are not as expected the weight and growth is an unborn baby’s “gestational age”.  This may be sometimes caused by a failure in the placenta.


IUGR affects the most twin pregnancy, and you have preemie twins. With regular prenatal checkups, your doctor can spot this problem if it occurs and the doctor can take the steps to reduce the impact on your twins’ growth. If the IUGR becomes severe, it can be a big risk to the twins’ babies.

What are the causes of IUGR?

The one major cause of IUGR is the failure in the placenta. Because when the placenta fails to get enough oxygen and nutrients to the baby then one or both babies may grow at a slower rate. Also the situation of chromosomal abnormalities or heart defects, which can limit the twin baby’s growth. When you have IUGR problems and are pregnant with twins then you need to be more careful for yourself or your twins’ growth.


What are the when developing the IUGR?

A few growth restrictions or complications may not cause any health problems to the pregnant woman and the growth of the babies. But if the IUGR becomes severe then it can seriously create a pregnancy complication. These are the following complications or risks that may have:


  • The complication of handling the stress of vaginal delivery
  • Preemiebirth twins and low birth weight
  • Difficulty maintaining a normal body temperature
  • Low blood sugar
  • Unusually high red blood cell count
  • Less stability to infection


Various twin pregnancies have suffered the IUGR problems in which the babies are born small for their gestational age.  If you deliver pre-birth due to IUGR, your baby may experience some of the complications that preemies face. When you give birth to twins, getting a twin baby carrier for them is the best option so that you can also feel relaxed. Find the best doctor who can develop the detained care plan for babies who experienced the IUGR during pregnancy, or also suggest other care to prevent the IUGR issues. When having the IUGR issues, the plan of your babies will be implemented by a comprehensive team or twins specialist, including a pediatrician, a pediatric cardiologist, a nutrition development specialist, and other twin concern-related doctors. Also, you need to take care of the twin babies more when they turn 3. Find out the prenatal pregnancy doctor and get detailed knowledge of it.


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