LH. This community is global in nature- there are freelancers around the world. We are particularly interested in new art fields.


world, and we're already working with a number of organizations around the world, including Africa and South Korea, for example -- places with growing art markets, in which


Employers also require a network that includes freelancers.


While some professions require www.travelfornewcouples.com travelfornewcouples travel for new couples Website travel for new couples com www.traveltoearth.net traveltoearth travel to earth Website travel to earth net www.south-craft.com south-craft south craft Website  physical presence of freelancers -- such as photography, art installation and so on. There are many roles that can be fulfilled


Remotely, such digital producers include art historians, social networks writers and translators.


Art Mavens Art Mavens won't only pay on time. What other issues in the art industry will they address?


Art Mavens need to promote transparency. If you're a freelancer, this will allow you to determine who is responsible for the work you do.


You'd like to be part of the perfect organization. As you grow more experienced and perhaps set up up your own business, you'll be better equipped to