Error printing message

Many people use social media to share their daily struggles. We came across this tweet by Gillian Parker, who was having trouble printing a message. We were immediately intrigued (sorry for the typo in the tweet!) ):

The printer in question was an HP Deskjet F4280 Multifunction. Sometimes errors printing messages and the like can appear after cartridges are replaced. printer is in error state, However, this was not the case here. This is what Gillian saw on her computer.

How can this be solved?

Here are 3 steps to fix the error message printing problem

  1. To begin, you need to cancel any print jobs still in the queue. Older printing jobs can lead to a backlog, which can prevent you from printing. You can cancel each job by right-clicking on it. You can cancel them if you don't know-how.
  2. Turn off the printer and restart it. A restart will flush out any unmoved jobs from the queue. Now, print. This should usually resolve the problem. If that doesn't work,
  3. Make sure you check the paper in your printer. You might have trouble getting the paper out of your printer's input tray, especially if it is an all-in-one that can still be used for its other functions. We advised Gillian to watch this HP video for her Deskjet F4280 All-in-One printer.

Your printer might not be functioning for a variety of reasons. While an error in the printer may seem vague or not to indicate the problem, it should be addressed immediately.

Simple issues

One of these factors could cause a printer error:

  1. Make sure the power indicator on your printer is turned on. This could be due to a loose or unplugged power cable.
  2. Check if the lid of your printer is still open. Close the lid.
  3. Remove any paper stuck to your printer if it's not clear.
  4. No paper feed / empty tray - refill tray with sheets of paper.
  5. If your printer or computer alerts you that one of your cartridges is low in ink or empty, it is time to replace or refill the cartridge.
  6. The printer might return a " cartridge detected" error if the cartridge is not snugly fitted inside the box. It is possible to remove it from the printer and place it again until the cartridge clicks or snaps into place.
  7. The drum may need replacement. You may need to replace the drum with a brand new one.
  8. Make sure the USB cable is securely connected to its ports.
  9. If your printer is not connected to the network/router, you should check your network to determine if there are other issues. Resetting your router/access point or reconfiguring your network might be necessary.
  10. Check the drivers to make sure they match the model of the printer or the operating system that it is supporting. It is possible that you installed the wrong OS or version of the drivers.

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Many people who use Canon printers for their daily work might encounter printer errors. They often seek assistance to resolve this frustrating problem. These types of problems can be solved by having a good understanding of both the printer and computer.

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It is important to remember that this error isn't difficult and can't easily be fixed. Follow these tips to get rid of the error message from your Canon printer.