It is just strange, for me, that a game I always felt was all about its areas has set its storyline integrity first. It is odd to see 14 years' worth of wow classic gold landscape and adventure - 14 years that I lived and levelled, walked and fought - filed away where they won't bother anybody, unless they go searching. It is the right call, it simply makes me wistful.

I am definitely rolling another brand new character though.

GATES, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Bend resident Dave Ewing was heading home on state Highway 22 from the Valley on Monday night, such as many holiday weekend travelers, even when he began seeing and dodging fallen trees.

Amid a slowed lineup of visitors came the unmistakable sound of one tree after another falling and snapping.

"Trees were falling left and right," Ewing said, after he parked at a nearby rest area. "Everybody's being flipped around. There are trees falling all over the place."

Ewing shared photographs on Facebook of the nearby fire orange glow, and trees moving up on a nearby hillside -- how nearby was difficult to tell in the dark.

"Wow -- it's a nightmare," he wrote, observing fire crews head up the highway.

Scenes like that were being repeated across much of the state, as a called windstorm came to pass amid high fire danger, sending trees toppling onto homes and highways and causing wildfires to cheap classic wow gold spread fast, including one which closed off 97 north of Chiloquin.