During summers we all like to spend some time outside, especially when there is a fresh and cold breeze. These are also the months when children love to play outside, especially in the evening when the temperature is cooler and suitable.

The extent of physical activity performed by children makes them prone to getting injured anytime and anywhere. There are certain injuries that occur during summers, and most of them require consultation with an orthopedist. In maximum cases, the injuries are not serious as they are commonly seen while sometimes, severe injuries may also occur.

Some cases are so severe that surgery is required for the treatment, and during surgery, Orthopaedic Trauma Implants may also be required.

In this post, our focus will be on discussing orthopedic injuries that children experience during summers.

Orthopedic Injuries Experienced by Children in Summers

We all must have heard this phrase that “prevention is better than cure” but still, it is not 100% possible to prevent injuries. They are unexpected and could occur without any signs or signals. Let us see injuries children face in summers:

Bicycle Injuries

Riding a bicycle during summer evenings with friends is not less than a treat for children. Cycling is also considered to be a great exercise that helps strengthen calf & thigh muscles, improves stamina, and much more. But children can get injured while riding a bicycle, especially when they fall.

Sprains and fractures are common bicycle injuries that are seen in children. To reduce the severity of the injury, it is advised to wear knee pads and helmets. Remember, the injury could be serious if the children fall while riding a bike at high-speed.

Playground Injuries

Children are also known to get injured the most while playing in the playground, and such injuries are known as playground injuries. Children are the most active, and they love to play on the ground irrespective of weather conditions. But in summers, they have more time to play in the evening than in winters, and that’s where orthopedic injuries are commonly noticed. Though such injuries may not be prevented yet, supervising the child while playing could minimize the risk.

Swimming Pool Injuries

Enjoying in a swimming pool is a great way to beat the heat in summers, and children enjoy it more than adults. Now, you might be surprised to know that orthopedic injuries could also occur in the swimming pool. When a child dives into the shallow part of the pool, the chances of developing orthopedic injuries are high. To prevent such injuries, it is important to teach ‘safe diving’ to the child and keep monitoring while the child is enjoying the pool.

Overuse Injuries

Now, you might be wondering how overuse injuries could occur in children. Don’t worry, we’ll clear all this.

During summers, children participate in summer camps, and they play different kinds of sports and perform various activities. That’s where the risk of overuse injuries develops. Tendonitis and Osgood-Schlatter disease are the common overuse injuries that are seen in children. Besides these, injuries related to other sports activities may also be on the cards.

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