Presently, almost half of the population of the US is working remotely. With the increasing number of remote workers than ever before, shifts in travel trends have been seen. When it comes to remote works, Tulum is the place that instantly comes to our mind as it is the favourite spot for digital nomads for many years.

The peaceful place helps freelancers in creative writing. Not only the digital nomads, but tourists also love Tulum. Its exotic beaches and forests are something anyone will fall for. If you are interested in moving to Tulum, go through the article.

Why Tulum?

Tulum has something for every visitor. The place is rich with natural properties from beaches to forests to cenotes, yet Tulum still has the advantages of city life. The center of the city has restaurants, markets, exciting bats, shops, and all the amenities that a city has. The tourists can explore the archaeological zone of Tulum if they take a short trip from downtown. The people who reside in Tulum enjoy a consistently warm climate round the year. Most of the accommodations in Tulum have high-speed internet connections for the remote workers 

Is Tulum safe?

Tulum is one of the best coastal towns in Mexico when it comes to safety. The petty crime rate is comparatively low in Tulum. However, one should always be careful about their possessions and should never leave their belongings unlocked. Being safe from petty crime rates, the city gets affected by hurricanes, so one must be mindful while traveling in the city during hurricane season. 

How to get to Tulum?

Tulum doesn’t have an international airport. If anyone needs to reach Tulum, they have to fly to Cancun airport from their place and then reach Tulum. Tucan Kin are the best option for anyone to move to Tulum from Cancun airport

Where to stay in Tulum?

Tulum offers many options to stay from homestay to villas to 5-star hotels. One should mention their travel goals before choosing the locations like Tulum Peludo can provide you with strong Wi-Fi, more option for drink and food, yet beach will be at a further distance or Tulum playa- where the dependency on connectivity is less but it gives you the experience of beachfront. 

Once the place to stay has been decided, the price point should be the next concern. Cheaper accommodations including hostels, shared rooms, and expensive options like beachfront hotels or jungle villas are also available.

Tulum is a wonderful place for both tourists and digital nomads. Everyone would find peace in the place. It is the ideal place for refreshment from the monotonous life. 

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