Although it's not known what type the Center or Power Forward build the player is employing to get the shots to hit probably involves the commonly overlooked Post Hook stat in some way 2k22 mt. We've seen this kind of thing only once before in a thrilling and memorable matchup between two basketball titans In Family Guy.

In a fabled game of "Double Dribble" between Cleveland Orenthal Brown Sr. and Peter Griffin, Peter used such an escape to prevail 18-4. He made use of his signature "Corner Three" shot six times in a row. If you've had the pleasure of playing 2K22 against a clever Sharpshooting guard, this video may feel all too real for you.

Therefore, even though this Post Hook strategy may not be a common practice yet it is worth be on the lookout for this during any of your Park or Rec games from now on out. NBA All-Star Kevin Durant has been logging many hours of 2K22 this offseason and had a dazzling winning streak last night along with the creators of 2K's content.

Following the conclusion of NBA Finals in late July the offseason officially underway, giving players some much-needed time off. Some players could have lavish vacations or trips abroad however for others mt for sale 2k22, it was the perfect opportunity to play some great playing time on NBA 2K22.