Everyone experiences stress, anxiety, mood swings and other forms of emotional distress in their lives. It may be because of a professional setback, rejection, financial problems, relationships, personal loss or any other reason. Most of the time, they are able to fight their way back eventually. But sometimes they might need a little extra help in doing so.

Here Darren Yaw released 3 critical signs that indicate it’s time to get professional help.

1) Difficulty in regulating emotions:

Whenever a person feels sad, anxious or angry at any point in life it is important to pay attention to how strongly they feel these emotions and how often. Darren Yaw Malaysia shares that anger is often a part of a depressive presentation. Therapy is an honest, objective and confidential space that is meant to allow a person to open up about uncomfortable topics.

2) Poor performance at work or school:

Consistent decrease in performance at school or workplace is often a common sign of the person struggling with emotional or psychological issues. Mental health issues can result in a lack of interest or mistakes at work and this can result in subpar work productivity. Before this proves to be risky for oneself or the people around them, Darren Yaw released it is better to seek professional help.

3) Changes in appetite or sleep schedule:

Mental health issues are known to have a direct impact on the eating and sleeping habits of people. Darren Yaw Malaysia says someone with severe mental health problems might not be able to eat or sleep at all or do it all the time. Out of stress, some people tend to overeat to dull their emotions while some people can barely get themselves to eat anything.