I'm the manager for the U.S. release of the Xbox version in addition to the Asian release of PSO 2, which was released prior to PSO2 Meseta this U.S. version. So I am sort of the localization specialist. Is it a relief now that PSO two is finally out in the West, for most of the English-speaking PSO fans who've been asking for this for years? There is a feeling of relief [since ] there was lots of preparation that went to the development; for instance, Sega U.S. and Sega Japan took polls in the fans about what they wanted in the game. But as an online game, I feel the real challenge is in maintaining the service going forward. We heard a lot of players say they have been waiting eight long years with this launch. So we were really pleased about that.

Is this one of the reasons the Western servers are different from the Japanese servers? So you can roll out the later episodes in the right rate, instead of ditch all the Western players on the very same servers as players in Asia, who've experienced all that content already? Or did it have to do with the consideration of information speeds?

It's a little bit of both. The reason why we put it on a different server for your U.S. launch was to restrain the rolling from the tales and due to server capacity. The simplicity of play is one of the selling points of the game, and also the distance of these servers to the gamers affects latency, so we knew we wanted to have the servers physically closer to our gamers in North America. And even though there are hardcore lovers [who'll play regularly and explore all of the content] from the North American area, there are many who are not knowledgeable about the franchise, and we didn't believe it would be reasonable to buy meseta pso2 launch eight decades' worth of articles at the same time. Can it have to do with the microtransaction system and in-game buys being quite distinct for Japan?