The world of storytelling and SEO have been believed to be two different things that are not compatible and don't have a lot in common. In spite of the awe, it is true that they are inextricably linked and anyone who is a marketer can benefit the most value from these two areas.

SEO is thought to be something that assists search engines to find you and also makes you happy with the technical aspects that determine your work. Storytelling draws viewers emotionally and psychologically in a deeper way.

It's easy for you to attract people to your website however, is it difficult to keep them there and then make them return next time?

Marketers do not have enough new concepts for this. Storytelling is one of the most powerful tools to aid you in this area. A genuine and emotionally engaging story may keep your audience away from spending longer on your website.

Here are a few aspects which will enhance the advantages of telling stories.

Brand awareness and brand publicity

When a person visits your site, they should notice the distinctness from other pages. They should feel the desire to read on and feel emotionally connected.

They should be aware of the struggles and the success you've needed to create your business as it is now. This will increase the trust of the people who watch you.

Click-Through rate: It is the percentage of people who click on the link to those who visit the link. It is a crucial parameter that determines the SEO capacity.

When they next see the link, they'll definitely click on it and will give you a bigger audience the next time. This can increase the rate of click-throughs too. It also assures that you have the branding you require.

Establishing trust will also motivate other websites to backlink to your sites if they feel that you're genuine. Backlinking is an important element that search engines utilize to determine the most popular websites since they're the first-hand recommendations on the webspace.

With more people visiting your webpage frequently, and with more people trusting the brand name, your search engine will surely find your site helpful and boost your rank.

Engaging more people on your page

Bounce Rate This is the percentage of users who leave the site after only viewing one page.

The high rate of bounce signifies that the content on the page isn't sufficient to draw the viewers to stick around for long enough to go through them.

Storytelling is one way to do this. A captivating and interesting story can entice the attention of your customers to stay for a long time and make them want to know more about your company.

This can boost your time on page ratio as well. It is the duration that a visitor remains on your site.

These elements add up to increase the number of engagement factors for your website. The good results you get from these factors can help search engines and give them high rankings to your site as well that is the ultimate purpose of SEO.

Sharing it is a must.

Following lengthy conversations of people who use social networks, there was a popular belief that users share links that they feel connected to emotionally. The content they consider worth sharing is enough.

They also share information they discover that others could utilize. These links will make them appear more sophisticated and more authentic when they are shared.

Stories typically pass through these circumstances. Anecdotes, user experience, or a review, or whatever the reason, people share it whenever they feel that it is meaningful to them.

Making sure that your customers tell their stories through different platforms can aid you in managing your publicity. User-generated testimonials are more effective than those shared by the business itself.

First, write for the Customer!

Because search engines are intelligent enough to comprehend the actual fan base of every page, the days where backlinks and keywords were the sole factors in determining the SEO rank have been eliminated.

Human interaction in real-time is measured, and therefore, the first priority should be given to the clients.

If they are pleased and satisfied with your content, that is reflected in rankings according to the various factors mentioned previously. Therefore, it is essential that you satisfy them first!

By using other means

Google has updated its algorithms that recognize diversities in traffic, which will require traffic to come from a variety of sources. This will lead to better SEO rankings.

Social Media is an excellent tool that allows you to make storytelling a key instrument to increase traffic.