Because I don’t want to tank ...? Why do I have to WOW Classic TBC Gold do 1k+ dps when I could get 500-600 overall (I've reached 950 dps during certain boss fights, believe me or not) and off heal when needed, off tanking when needed, battle res save the party from wiping when someone does something wrong or gets hurt, internalize the healer and then give everyone in the group an extra 5% critical?

Yeah , my avatar is a wild one, I can be a good match. Though I'm prone to tank, sometimes I just want to relax and earn some badges. It's so frustrating when the group is doing AOE pulls, and I'm sitting there, giggling at every mob that dies before I get 5 combination points. Cat really does not shine in 5 man matches unfortunately. However, the benefits you mention may be nice. If there's an arcane wizard in the group they certainly like the innervates. It helps me feel a bit more confident about my personal DPS.

If your wild animal is healing , you're not alone. It's not a boomkin that has magical power. I get it I'm not teaching you what to do, but even doing 950 damage is 2/3 of the more powerful dps classes anything less than that level of damage is basically carrying. A 500 dps damage is considered to cheap WOW TBC Classic Gold be carried by the team. It is impossible to gain any power over dungeon groups when you force players to kill in those situations.