What is a Dental Bridge?


Dental bridges are the advanced technology for replacing teeth that are missing due to certain reasons. They help bridge the gap between one or more missing teeth using a false or fake tooth/teeth in between.  Dental bridges not only help to get a perfect smile but also provide you the ability to eat and look normal. If you are wishing to makeover your smile, visit the dentist open near me.



 Previously, people didn't have any solutions to their poor dental structure and ugly smile, but now there are a variety of aesthetic oral treatments that can help correct major to minor dental flaws. A dental bridge is one of the dental aesthetic treatments which is also referred to as a false tooth that helps to obtain attractive and beautiful smiles by filling the gaps created by missing teeth. It is designed with two caps known as crowns and an artificial tooth and fixed to abutment teeth on each side of the fake tooth. To know about more options regarding dental aesthetic treatments you should consult the best dentist near me.


From the last few years, there have been tremendous changes in dental technology as it includes the computerized X-ray and the  3D imagery and CAD-CAM system, etc.  

With these technologies, cosmetic dentistry is now able to provide accurate dental restorations such as bridge implantation, full crowns, abutments, etc.



Types Of Dental Bridges:


There are mainly four types of Dental bridges including:


Traditional Dental Bridges:


They are the most popular types of dental bridges. Dentists recommend them when your natural teeth enclose a missing tooth or gap on each side.  This type of bridge includes one or more pontic teeth supported by two abutment teeth. Abutment teeth are referred to those teeth which include dental crowns to hold the false teeth.

Usually, these types of bridges are created with ceramic or porcelain fused to metal that is strong enough to restore molars.






Cantilever Bridges:


Cantilever bridges are also connected to an abutment tooth but just on one side.

Dentists recommend this type of bridge when natural teeth are present only on one side of the gap so that bridge can be fixed securely.


Maryland Bridges:


These bridges are also known as resin-bonded bridges. Your dentist may recommend this option when the replacement of teeth is for your front teeth. Generally, these bridges are made of porcelain or metal bands to bind a pontic tooth to the last of the adjacent natural teeth.


Implant-Supported Bridges:


These are similar to regular dental bridges. The only difference is that they don’t need the support of existing natural teeth but they are held by dental implants. Dentists recommend this option when you have more than one missing teeth to be replaced.   


How are dental bridges fixed?


Professionals place a dental implant for each missing tooth to make a series to fix the bridges in place. Sometimes they may include a pontic tooth hung amid two implant-supported crowns. You will have to go through two surgeries, one of them helps set dental implants and the other to set the bridge.


A dental bridge costs about $3,000 in Houston, TX.  The cost may vary if you have multiple missing teeth.  


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