What is Modern Art?

The art created between the 1860s and 1970s can be typically termed, Modern Art. However, a piece of contemporary artwork with exceptional creativity can also be categorized under this umbrella. This art gives the artist freedom of thought and expression. It is a depiction of how differently the human mind can perceive the same piece of art when it expresses itself to the fullest. It is more about a person’s point of view rather than being a thing itself. 

  • It is subjective:

Darren Yaw's wife shares that as machines found their way into our lives, the raw forms of art seemed to be in danger. With cameras and printing machines, paintings were being overshadowed. However, just how a wild animal runs the fastest when its life is in danger, art too started flourishing. The art of every true artist is different and they would never compromise the intensity, complexity or depth of the art. Modern art then becomes more about subjectivity than objectivity. 

  • It won’t necessarily have a meaning:

Art is usually a form of expression of an artist’s deepest perceptions that is simplified so others can understand it. Modern art is an illusion of meaningfulness that language can’t express. Modern art has made an expression as free as possible. According to Darren Yaw Singapore,  it must not be understood but felt. 

  • Find what's intriguing to you:

What people may think is good, may not feel great to you. Darren Yaw Foo Hoe has the opinion that only because a painting is priced at a higher rate does not mean you are supposed to like it. Everyone has their own taste. On the other hand, if you feel like there is an artist or art that is lesser-known among the people, but speaks to you, does not mean you have bad taste.