Fildena 100 mg - How To Avoid Taking Too Much Of It

Fildena 100 is just one of the more common prescription treatment options for erectile dysfunctions. It aims to maintain and attain an erection during sexual intercourse. The goal of this drug is to deliver the correct amount of blood into the male sex organ area. With the proper use of this sexual aid, patients are able to experience better sexual function and control over their erection issues. There are many other benefits from using this medication along with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

About taking fildena

If you are thinking about taking fildena, you should know that it comes in capsule form. This type of tablet is more convenient to take since you can swallow it down whole. Also, there are no powders or liquids to worry about mixing. With the liquid form, the patient has to mix it with a liquid lubricant prior to swallowing to ensure that the pill gets into the body. Before taking fildena, it is recommended to check with your doctor if you can use it as directed, especially if you are allergic to ephedra.

Side effects

As with any other type of medication, fildena also has different types of ingredients used to create a successful remedy. A few of these ingredients include sildenafil citrate, ephedra, and saw palmetto. Sildenafil citrate and ephedra are known to have side effects like allergic reactions, chest pain, and high blood pressure. It is not advised for individuals with cardiovascular and circulatory problems.


One of the main ingredients found in the Fildena formula is sildenafil citrate. It is usually used in combination with ephedra to achieve faster results. If you are considering trying this type of penis enlargement pill, speak to your doctor and see what his opinion is. Ephedra side effects include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, rapid heartbeat, and extreme tiredness.

The advice of your doctor

The dosage of this drug is determined by your doctor. This varies based on your current health condition and the size of the drug. If you are taking other prescription drugs, such as cholesterol meds, then be sure to let your doctor know about this. Your doctor might not prescribe fildena if he thinks you are at risk for interactions with other medications. If you are pregnant, refrain from use fildena and inform your doctor if you conceive while on this drug. Fildena can pass into your breast milk and may affect your baby.

Buy online fildena 100

Many people choose to take effect of this drug by purchasing fildena 100 online. There are many retailers on the internet that sell this product but be careful who you purchase from. Check the expiration date of the product to make sure it will work for you. Fildena is not regulated in the United States and is not considered a dietary supplement, so you cannot take it to help treat conditions that you have.


Fildena can interact with other medicines and drugs. It can also interact with herbal medications, over-the-counter medicines, antidepressants, heart medicine, asthma medicines, gout drugs, sex hormones, vitamins, and calcium. Women should not take fildena unless they are pregnant or plan to become pregnant. If you do take fildena and become pregnant, you may experience premature delivery or fetal defects.


Fildena should not be used without talking to your doctor. This powerful herb can lead to dangerous side effects if you are not sure you are doing it correctly. If you decide to use fildena, talk with your doctor about the intended use and how much of the herb to take. Fildena can cause serious problems if you are taking too much of it.

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