Establishing the reputation of being a leader in business, industry, or a profession has many favorable ramifications and pays off for many years. It's why you see so many of the world's most successful CEOs, entrepreneurs, and professionals become authors. If you choose to write a book (and there are many excellent reasons to do it), make sure you have a well-rounded plan for business book marketing to promote your work. A book launch generates publicity and makes you newsworthy in a way your competitors will envy. It's a way to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise and gain credibility.

Most businesspeople-turned-authors work with professional writers to complete their books, and the process can be an enjoyable one. It's crucial to find a topic or angle that's fresh or tell the story of your past success in a way people will find interesting – students and up-and-coming people will be interested in how you did it. Even if you're well established in your field, you'll be surprised by the new client inquiries your book is likely to generate. Books last longer than most other business promotion vehicles, so you'll notice the results long into the future. It's a significant long-term PR opportunity.

The PR and publicity campaign that accompanies a book launch connects authors with members of the media. If you build good relationships, you will likely be called upon as an expert spokesperson frequently. Each time brings an opportunity for people to find out about you and your business. If you're often invited to give speeches and presentations or appear on expert panels, gently having a book to reference or add to your bio is impressive. It gives you an advantage over others with similar credentials. The same holds with a job search when having a book on your resume is excellent. 
Writing bylined articles is a growing trend in book publicity that can equally benefit your business or professional practice. They allow you to reach new audiences, and in the bio that appears at the end about you as the author, you can gently plug your book and business. It takes a multi-pronged personal marketing program these days with everyone on information overload. Giving yourself the advantage of having a book under your belt can give your visibility a nice boost. The earlier you become a published author, the sooner you will begin enjoying the promotional benefits.