To individuals who have dealt with spider veins and varicose veins, sclerotherapy is a term they are very familiar with. It is a word they know incredibly well because it’s the go-to procedure for treating these basic vein issues. Unless another spider vein treatment San Diego option is deemed to be a better solution for a particular patient. Considering what sclerotherapy does and how incredibly effective it is, you wouldn’t be completely wrong for thinking that this medical procedure had been developed in just the last few years. As it turns out, though, there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to its history. 




What sclerotherapy does?


It is important to start by breaking down what sclerotherapy is and what it does. This is a spider vein treatment near me San Diego whereby a physician will inject a solution into a problematic vein. The solution will irritate the vein and cause it to collapse and then get absorbed into the body. That seems pretty straightforward, but the way the injections happened and what was injected has changed over the years. Unfortunately, as is the case with many medical endeavors, the side-effects of these developments were cause for enough alarm that few, if any, doctors performed the procedure. 


In the twentieth century, the world saw many incredible achievements across numerous disciplines, and once again, medical science looked to improve upon the varicose vein treatment la Jolla technique behind sclerotherapy. There was also a greater push to understand the best sclerosant, the actual solution being injected into the vein, to be used to lower the risk of major side effects while also promoting quicker recovery and healing. 


How does it use?


Aside from the use of the standard form of sclerotherapy, some variations can be of great benefit to patients depending on their situation. For example, the doctor may use ultrasound to guide them through the spider vein treatment la Jolla to pinpoint hidden problem veins that were not readily visible & may have only been accessible via invasive surgery. 




Another approach will be to use a sclerosant that can be turned to foam which is then injected to help treat larger & longer, more complex areas of spider & varicose veins. As new and cutting edge as these vein treatments near me san Diego techniques are, too, are still being developed as the technology available & the understanding of the body gets better. 


Sclerotherapy has come a long way from its rather primal roots to the present as the primary spider vein treatment near me la Jolla option for spider and varicose vein removal. Still, as effective as it is, it’s not the only option available to patients. It’s important to talk with your doctor about your current health, past medical history, medications, and general expectations for treatment. Essentially, you’ll be creating a treatment profile that will allow your doctor to help you find the right vein treatment near me La Jolla plan for your vein issues. 


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