If the expression is * unkillable * and is applicable to any car, then this is a Mercedes in the back of 123. If you want to buy your first car, you need to start with mb w123. Mercedes 123 is very easy to repair and operate. This is the best value for money.

Now, when buying a Mercedes 123 V, it is better not to consider an automatic transmission, with a high mileage, repairs will be expensive. Mercedes 123 diesel will last longer, with further operation after an expensive overhaul, it will work out every penny.
Despite the high strength of steel, the Mercedes 123 body, over the years it begins to rot and periodically requires restoration and welding. The automatic transmission of the w123 coupe will break down more often and is expensive to repair. Under the operating conditions of the w123 mercedes coupe on bad roads, when noise and squeak appear in the suspension, it is necessary to change the levers, shock absorbers and anti-roll bars. The hatch sometimes leaks, it is not easy to find it for a replacement

The rear suspension of the w123 is independent with two levers on springs, equipped with a stabilizer bar, two levers in front. Adjustable rear suspension has been installed since the late 70s. In the early 80s, one airbag and an ABS system appeared. Technical characteristics of the mercedes benz w123.

Gearboxes for w123 mercedes were offered to choose from: manual 5 and 4-speed, and 4-speed automatic. Mechanics during long-term operation are more reliable and cheaper to repair, regardless of whether it is a w123 station wagon, coupe or sedan.
Mercedes 123 starts from a place smoothly, the suspension gently fulfills bumps. In terms of characteristics, the Mercedes 123 is not created to drive around the city, but in order to simply drive, at a speed of over 100 km per hour, it is difficult to drive a car. Acceleration to 100 km per hour for at least 18 s. In a Mercedes 123, fuel consumption in the city is 18-20 liters, on the highway 16 liters.

After restyling, a Mercedes w123 with additional options became available for purchase: power steering, climate control, a sunroof, heated front seats, front optics washers, a differential lock, power windows. Height-adjustable steering wheel and anti-lock braking system. If you want to make your Mercedes even more interesting you should consider purchasing a amg rims. I wish you good luck