Is it fair that although huge organizations can afford to engage skilled tax advisers to assist them in minimizing their tax burden, smaller businesses wind up paying considerably more than they should? The practical difference is that larger organizations can exploit legal nuances and interpretations to their advantage, whilst small businesses are more likely to simply obey the black letter of tax rules and regulations.


At the center of this difficulty is the reluctance of many accountants to act as true tax consultants and to assist small firms in organizing their operations to best take advantage of tactics that would result in a lower tax bill. Many accountants just enter the raw figures provided by their customers into a tax preparation application. There was no genuine planning or review procedure; it was just in and out.


Accounting and tax experts engaged by small firms may claim that one of their primary goals is to provide their services at a reasonable cost to their customers. They feel that genuine strategic tax planning would result in a big charge that their clients did not expect to incur.


There might be some genuine validity to the idea that certain small firms want straightforward tax compliance at the lowest feasible cost. It would seem reasonable that a rising number of such businesses would recognize that by paying slightly higher professional costs upfront, they may obtain tax benefits that considerably surpass the original outlay.


Finally, enterprises must recognize that a positive balance sheet is a legitimate goal and that paying more taxes than necessary is counterproductive. Business owners must be careful not to depend on poor tax advice simply out of habit or an unjustified fear of paying somewhat higher professional costs.


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