Hawaii is one of the most popular vacation spots in the United States and the world, and everyone who visits has their own set of priorities about what to see. There is no doubt that Pearl Harbor tours remain at the top of the list for most people, but others go to relax, surf, soak up the sun, or learn about indigenous Hawaiian culture. No matter what you fancy, the climate is nearly perfect, with warm temperatures and tropical breezes year-round. If you plan on doing any land-based sightseeing on Oahu, be prepared for traffic. It's why an increasing number of people and families opt for boat tours.

It's ideal if you can stay long enough to have time to visit several islands. A well-known attraction on Maui has you driving through a tropical rainforest and ending up in a national park. What could be more ideal than that? If you enjoy fine dining, the number of excellent restaurants throughout Hawaii, and especially Honolulu, continues to increase each year. Wild-caught seafood is a specialty, but you can find much more on many menus. A Few traditional places combined a delicious lunch or dinner with an exciting floor show that's much more than hula dancing – think fire, rhythm and excitement.

Pearl Harbor, Diamond Head, and Waikiki are among the best-known attractions in the Honolulu area and are fun and exciting things to do if you're staying in Oahu. But don't forget the North Shore for all it has to offer. Getting out on the water for a North Shore boat tour is an excellent way to spend part of one day. You'll beat the Oahu traffic and might see a whale and a shark while out on the water. Today's tour boats are smaller and fast-moving. You'll see things up close and have an experience you'll remember for a lifetime. Many people enjoy cruising at sunset to add extra beauty to a boat tour.

If you're seriously interested in Pearl Harbor and its history, there is much to see and do. A visitors center and museum are highlights that explain the tragic attack of December 7, 1941, and all that followed. As the World War II generation is gone, fewer people have first-hand knowledge of the events, and the museum and memorials keep the day alive for future generations. Depending on the amount of time you want to spend, it can be a full-day or half-day experience. It remains one of the most significant military history locations in the United States and the world. Millions visit Pearl Harbor every year.