Vein center long island revealed that it is true that varicose veins can develop anywhere in the body, but most develop in the legs. Once they form, they last until they are treated. Varicose veins can be resolved with endovenous laser therapy sclerotherapy or a technique called VNUS, which uses radiofrequency occlusion. Prior to these and other forms of treatment, a vein doctor near me long island recommends compression stockings. They are worn around the legs, and often reduce the severity of the patient's symptoms.




How Compression Stockings Increase Blood Circulation 


Generally, the muscles in your legs shrink the veins and start forcing blood to return way back to your heart. Valves are located in the veins to prevent blood from flowing backward. When you walk or just sit for a long period of time, the muscles squeeze the veins, sending blood through the open valves. Vein centers long island disclosed that when you sit or lie down, the muscles relax, and the valves close. This is known as the venous pump. If you sit and stand for extended periods, blood pressure may increase within your leg veins. This can cause them to stretch, which damages the valves. As a result, the valves lose their ability to prevent blood from flowing backward as effectively as before. Blood begins to pool, which allows varicose veins to form.


Veins center Hamptons mentioned that compression stockings can be worn to place pressure upon the veins, and pump blood out of your legs and back to your heart. The stockings are made of an elastic kind of material. They're usually worn around the calves, starting from the ankle and extending to the knee. The hose is tighter at the end worn around the ankles and becomes gradually looser toward the opposite end.




The elastic material essentially squeezes the leg muscles to support the venous pump. The compression is constant, and not dependent on whether you stand and walk. As the stockings pump blood back to your heart, the level of swelling in your legs will decline. This has the added benefit of preventing blood clots from forming, which is common when blood pools. It can also help in your spider vein treatment

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How To Use Compression Stockings

Vein center li doctors suggested that you wear the stockings each day beginning when you get up in the morning until you go to sleep in the evening. Swelling is usually least pronounced in the morning since blood has not yet had a chance to pool. At first, the stockings may seem difficult to pull on due to the tightness of the elastic material. With time and practice, however, doing so will become less problematic.


How To Buy Compression Stockings


The hose is available in different compression classes. Those that offer the least amount of compression can be purchased over-the-counter at most pharmacies, though they rarely offer sufficient pressure to support the venous pump. Tighter stockings require a prescription from your doctor. They, too, can be purchased at pharmacies. Vein center South Shore disclosed that the cost for a single pair ranges between $45 and $170, it majorly depends on brand and quality. 


We hope you liked this article. If your varicose veins are not severe, compression stockings should be considered prior to other forms of treatment. Visit vein centers North Shore doctors for more details. 


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