It's great to learn more about the main Table Tennis shots if you enjoy the game and want to play professionally. While you won't be competing on professional table tennis tables right away, learning the four fundamental strokes can help you develop your game. They are the forehand drive and push, as well as the backhand drive and push.

You'll be well on your way to actually becoming a fantastic ping pong player after you've mastered them. When practicing the first, the forehand drive, you'll find that precision and consistency are essential for success. You're attempting to hit precise shots on your opponent's side of the table.

When practicing the forehand drive stroke in table tennis, give yourself some latitude. If you overthink things, you could stress out. To feel comfortable with the shot, most teachers recommend that you practice it for around five hours. Experts say that you should be able to play 100 forehand drives in a row without making a mistake before you consider yourself to have mastered it.

The next stroke to try is a backhand drive shot. It may be easier & simple for you to master, and the technique is very different from the forehand. As you move your thumb, your grip will fluctuate somewhat, but the group should remain essentially the same.

Backhand drives should be performed with a relaxed, natural grip. After you've mastered the forehand and backhand shots, switch between them. It's a great skill to acquire because you'll be using a lot of strokes when playing table tennis. You should be able to easily & effectively flip between them.

To develop a good game, your drive and topspin strokes must be controlled, precise, and consistent. Pushing shots is the next skill to acquire. For them, you might wish to start with the backhand. You'll probably pick it up fast and eventually add a backspin. Your shots should all be well-planned and diverse.