Carisoprodol is a doctor-approved muscle relaxant that belongs to the carbamate class. It is effective for treating various musculoskeletal conditions - sprain, physical injury, muscular strain due to jerk, and allied conditions of a similar nature. It relaxes the affected muscles and, at the same time, reduces the inflammation and alleviates the pain and discomfort. It works in the CNS and brain, reducing pain sensitivity and easing the affected muscles.  It is Sedculed IV, a controlled classed drug, and the effect of the drug lasts for six to eight hours. It is effective for managing a host of muscle-related conditions. The drug's effect begins within 25 - 35 minutes, lasting six to eight hours. 


In addition, it is not recommended if you have a sulfa allergy as it may put you at risk of allergic reaction from the medication.

Carisoprodolis available as:

    • Carisoprodol 250mg 



Depending upon the severity of muscular pain and inflammation, your doctor will prescribe you an accurate dose and will help you manage your condition. It is highly addictive; therefore, it is important to take it under the supervision of a doctor as advised by your doctor. Your healthcare provider may start with three times a day pre, preferably before bedtime. You can have it with food and without food. Taking complete rest and physical therapy is advised to manage pain and discomfort effectively.