To begin with, when you wash your hair, the hair conditioner will always recommend that you use it rather than directing you to wash all of your wigs with the conditioner. Leaving the hair end an inch or a half inch long is recommended, after which you can care for the rest of the hair. Because if we use too much hair conditioner on the knots, Honest hair factory will be very easy to experience shedding issues as a result of the excessive care.

If you intend to keep the long hair wigs for an extended period of time, rather than folding them up, keep them in their original packaging. A wig that is unattractive should be avoided at all costs, so roll honest hair factory before storing it in a box or purchase a Styrofoam head to keep it in place until you are ready to wear it the next time. In most cases, the Styrofoam heads are not expensive, and they can help to ensure that the wigs always maintain their ideal style.

Keep in mind that if you plan to dye your wigs, they will require additional care after they have been dyed. In addition, I will not recommend that you change your hair color too frequently, unless absolutely necessary. It will be acceptable for a single occasion. However, despite the fact that we color our own hair on average only once a year, we encourage others to do the same.


A growing number of women all over the world, particularly white and black women, are wearing wigs, and almost every woman owns at least one wig


  • People are increasingly turning to human hair wigs, despite the fact that synthetic wigs are also available

  • This is because human hair wigs are more comfortable to wear than synthetic wigs

  • We have wigs and enjoy the beautiful life that wigs provide, so we need to keep them safe and organized

  • Let's take a look at how to properly store wigs today

It is especially important to pay close attention to any comb issues that may arise if your wig has a curly texture, as they can be quite troublesome. If you have curly hair wigs, instead of combing them excessively, run your fingers through them to separate any tangles, then gently use the comb and curl her hair around your fingers to make the wigs more smooth and natural-looking, rather than dry.

As a first step, we recommend that you use a wide tooth comb when combing the hair. If you are unable to do so, hand combing is an acceptable alternative in most cases. I will never suggest it, even if I am heavily brushing my hair. In order to avoid pulling the entire strand of hair at the same time when you comb it, you must start at the bottom of the hair and work your way up slowly and carefully.


Given that hair conditioner can make the hair more smooth, treating knots with hair conditioner will make them easier to remove from the lace hole than if they were not treated with hair conditioner. This is despite the fact that they are of exceptional quality. Choosing a lace front wig or a full machine made wig instead of a hand made one will allow you to take better care of your hair more quickly and conveniently. We don't recommend using them overnight because the hair will not easily fall out from between the lace and the hair treatment because they are not hand made. Typically, the machine sews it much tighter than the human hand.