Once you notice the spider veins or varicose veins in your legs, consult a vein specialist to determine the level of severity of the problem and seek the most appropriate treatment option. Spider veins not only offer an ugly look to the affected area of the body. Moreover, it can convert into a serious health problem including heart disease. Consult your vein doctor for proper diagnosis and the best suitable treatment in a vein clinic. If you have severe varicose veins or spider veins, your doctor may recommend vein surgery.  




Vein Treatment Procedure:


Your vein specialist may consider the vein stripping method to ensure that the ugly veins can’t revert back. Generally, this method is recommended in extreme classes of vein disorders. 


  • Vein ligation and stripping: It is a minor surgical procedure that is utilized to extract a damaged vein and prevent further complications. If the multiple valves in the vein and the vein itself are highly damaged, your doctor will remove the diseased part of the vein. The procedure generally requires local anesthesia and involves the usage of surgical hooks to execute the procedure effectively.


  • Ambulatory phlebectomy: It is another surgical procedure that is required for more severe vein disorders. The vein specialist performs the procedure utilizing a sequence of tiny incisions made on the skin over the affected area. The following process utilizes a small phlebectomy hook that is passed through the small incision to remove the abnormal vein from the body.


  • Endoscopic vein surgery: It is another invasive vein treatment in which the tiny incisions are performed just above the faulty veins. Then your doctor will insert small video cameras through the incisions to track the exact location of the diseased veins and eventually remove them from the skin. 




One essential thing to consider about the vein treatment is that patients should get the treatment only from the best vein surgeon that should have complete knowledge about the advanced techniques of the method. Moreover, when you have spider vein treatment from a qualified and experienced vein specialist near me, the chances of complexities get reduced eventually.  


Before proceeding with the treatment, the vein doctor near me reviews the medical history of the patients and evaluates the current condition, after that only he/she suggests the correct vein treatment near me.  


More advanced treatments:


Sclerotherapy: It is the most utilized method among the spider vein treatments. It is a non-invasive leading method. The treatment is executed by delivering a saline solution of special chemicals d irectly into the affected area so that vein walls get collapsed eventually. The solution allows the vein walls to collapse and glue together preventing blood circulation through the treated veins. 


Laser surgical procedure: This method is based on high techniques, it uses laser energy to heat the inner lining of the defective veins in order to make them shrink and fade away eventually.  


These advanced methods have less risk of infection in the patients who go through laser treatment. Neither do they leave scars behind over the treated area nor do the patients have to stay in the hospital after the conduction of the treatment. 


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