Point guards, but most importantly, shooting guards, small, and power forwards, must be wearing an Clamps badge nba 2k22 mt coins. Clamps was probably the most popular badge to wear in NBA 2K21 and is back for 2K22. Clamps boosts the holders' power to stay in front of the ball handler on the sidelines.

People with Clamps can make faster cut moves and are more successful by bumping the ball's handler. This badge is essential if you want any possibility of stopping sharp-shooting forwards and guards with an inclination to drop mid-range shots. It will allow you to remain in front and give you the best chance of getting hands in front and preventing a clean shot.

Many players could benefit from this badge, however big males in particular could be using the Intimidator badge. Players who are matched up with players who are wearing the Intimidator badge will have a lower chance of success chance of completing a contest shot. Contesting shots is the key to preventing baskets, but an additional boost could be of use. Make sure to incorporate this badge on your design in the event that you can.

Post Lockdown is yet another badge large men will require during NBA 2K22. This badge helps defenders improve their ability to stop post movements and backdowns. Centers and power forwards require a lot of assistance when playing defense, so this badge should be one on your shortlist cheap mt nba 2k22. It's a good idea if you find yourself in a group with players who likes post moves.