Without a doubt, the best thing about the morning is breakfast. Wait wait, let me correct, the best thing about morning is eating breakfast, preparing one remains a hassle surely. BitesBee wants to make your morning bright and hippy so we are taking away the hassle of making breakfast for you. 

We are not fooling around but presenting 27 Tasty Breakfast ideas under ₹ 99 from BitesBee. Let’s look closer into the BitesBee menu to know the exciting deals all under your budget. 

27 Affordable Breakfast Options at BitesBee!

BitesBee- A Food Nest, located at the finest location of Bestech Business Towers, is a well-known place for breakfast in Mohali that provides a variety of breakfast options all under your budget.

1. Idli Sambhar 

Start your morning fresh with some flavorsome south-Indian cuisines for breakfast. Idli Sambhar is a tasty cuisine that is tummy filling and energizes you for the entire day. You can also enjoy sambhar with vada for an appetizing experience. 

2. Dosa


This south Indian authentic delicacy with savory taste is light and fulfilling at the same time. Dosa is a perfect breakfast option that you can enjoy at a minimalist price with fresh coconut chutneys. 

3. Dabeli


How about something exciting and delicious for breakfast? BiteBee aims to fulfill all your cravings in time. Dabeli, a tangy and spicy bun stuffed with potatoes tastes heavenly that fits pocket and tummy both.  

4. Chole Bhature

Chole Bhature

North Indians’ favorite balloon-shaped bhature with chole is true happiness that feels like a royal feast served on the platter. You can enjoy savory flavors with spicy chole bhature paired with pickled onions for the breakfast. 

5. Paranthas 


Whenever asked, “What to have for breakfast?”, Parantha is usually the answer. Being Indian, the love for paranthas is deep-rooted in our hearts. 

Just like the melting butter on parantha, paranthas’ taste will melt your heart at a pocket-friendly price. Here you can try out different paranthas such as aalo parantha, mix parantha, egg parantha, paneer parantha, and many more. 

6. Burgers


7. French Fries

French Fries

The search for the perfect side dish ends at french fries but the delicious menu of BitesBee has more to it. Cheesy fries with salsa sauce and fries with peri-peri masala turn out to be the best breakfast deal under ₹99 for millennials.

8. Paneer Pakoda

Paneer Pakoda

The Indian cottage cheese fritters aka paneer pakodas go perfectly with morning tea. With the chat masala sprinkled over it, soft inside and crunchy outside fritters is an apt option at BitesBee for Breakfast. 

9. Chole Puri

Chole Puri

Tangy chickpea also called chana when served with round puri delights everyone with its taste. Chole puri is a north-Indian breakfast idea that can perfectly sate your hunger and morning moodiness. The pleasing taste of sabzi blends effortlessly with fresh puri combining flavors all at once. 

10. Pao Bhaji

Pao Bhaji

The soft bun toasted with butter is paired with spicy mashed vegetables that taste surreal. Pao Bhaji serving is wholesome and appetizing enough to relish your taste buds. This Maharashtra-originated dish is platted with authentic taste at BitesBee – the best place for breakfast in Chandigarh. 

11. Kachori Sabzi

Kachori Sabzi

The flaky and crispy outside, kachori is relished with aalo sabzi that fades away from your Monday blues easily. You shall get full but not enough of the paradisiacal taste of the cuisine for breakfast. 

12. Bun Maska

Bun Maska

Every restaurant’s menu is incomplete without bun maska on it, so how can BitesBee be held back? BitesBee brings you the bonafide taste of Irani’s dish in the breakfast under 99 that makes your morning sound. 

13. Butter Toast

Butter Toast

The ultra-comforting breakfast option of butter toast can’t be forgotten when talking about the delicious Indian breakfast options. Toasted bread when enjoyed with fresh butter is as good as a ray of sunshine in chilly winters. 

14. Aata Kulcha with Matar

Aata Kulcha with Matar

The aata kulcha with matar sabzi is a highly favored street food breakfast option that BitesBee brings you with utmost quality and hygiene. Head to tantalize your taste buds with the mind-blowing taste of Indian cuisine. 

15. Sandwich


The classic breakfast option of the sandwich is an appetizing meal to grab and bite when confused about what to eat for breakfast? Different sauces and veggies awesomely blend together making breakfast goodsome. Be experimental with endless varieties of sandwiches such as Veg Grilled Sandwich, Egg Grilled Sandwich, Paneer Tikka Grilled Sandwich, Mushroom & Corn Sandwich, and many others. 

16. Wraps


The luscious wraps make their place on BitesBee’s breakfast menu under ₹99. A wide range of wraps falls under 99 price that tickles your taste buds. Consider trying out the best Veg Grilled Wrap, Egg Grilled Wrap, Paneer Tikka Grilled Wrap, and Chicken Tikka Grilled Wrap at BitesBee. 

17. Scrambled Eggs with Veggies

Scrambled Eggs with Veggies.

Looking for something healthy in breakfast to cut those extra inches? Okay, here we go with scrambled eggs with veggies. The juicy vegetables with scrambled eggs taste heavenly and have a lower calorie intake as well. 

18. Maggi 


When talking about the real love of childhood, no one has ever escaped the love of maggi. From the basic to tadke vali, everything tastes so much better when it comes to maggi. Maggi is a fantastic and yum breakfast to choose from when looking for something appetizing. 

19. Soup


Soup is another light option that warms you up and puts a smile on your face. This hearty breakfast option never goes out of style at BitesBee thanks to varied options such as Veg Manchow Soup, Sweet Corn Soup, and Chicken Manchow Soup. 

Soup is another light option that warms you up and puts a smile on your face. This hearty breakfast option never goes out of style at BitesBee thanks to varied options such as Veg Manchow Soup, Sweet Corn Soup, and Chicken Manchow Soup. 

20. Samosa & Chai

Samosa Chai

Samosa has managed to fit the hearts of Indian folks pretty well. Munching on samosa and chai can be the best decision of the morning for you. It is a good way to kickstart your morning with the delicious Indian cuisine from BitesBee.  

21. Poha


Recommended from nutritionists due to higher nutritional value, Poha is one of the healthy breakfast ideas that you can spoon on. Consider trying it out in the traditional way at BitesBee and relish the thrilling taste of the nutritious breakfast.

22. Upma


The beloved south-Indian breakfast option of Upma is scrumptious and also good for health. The goodsome Ghee cooked Upma as breakfast boosts your energy and keeps your hunger at bay. If craving for one, order now from BitesBee – The Breakfast Restaurants in Mohali!

23. Potato Wedges

Potato Wedges

The love of the crispy potato wedges is something no one can ever get rid of. Enjoy the classic taste of potato wedges for your healthy and tasty breakfast time without straining your pocket, only at BitesBee – A Food Nest. 

24. Bedmi Puri with Bhaji

Bedmi Puri

This utterly delicious cuisine from Uttar Pradesh is an apt way to start your morning. The hot and flaky Bedmi Puri is served with sabzi and pickle that perfects your very first meal of the day. 

25. Omelette


If you are looking for a healthy breakfast option, omelette is what we recommend. Fully packed with the goodness of omega-3, needful proteins, and antioxidants, the omelette is the deluxe breakfast option to go for. The fluffy and tasty omelet is a premium option to opt for under the mere price of ₹99. 

26. Daadi Maa ki Khichdi 

Daadi Maa Ki Khichdi

People detest khichdi and suppose it to be food reserved for sickness. However, BitesBee manages to put an end to this belief with the incredible taste of khichdi cooked in desi ghee, making it the right breakfast option. 

27. Chilla Moong Dal 

Chilla Moong Dal

The savory pancakes prepared from mung beak aka moong dal tastes surreal with a hot piping cup of chai/coffee (whichever you may prefer).  Paired with different species and veggies, Chilla Moong Dal is a great option to end our listing here of the best breakfast options under 99 at BitesBee. 

Craving for quick bites of breakfast? Our Chefs are even more curious to serve you our best delicacies at unbelievable prices. Dig into the delicious food at BitesBee- the Best restaurant for breakfast in Chandigarh, Mohali.