Sometimes you may wonder why is coolsculpting so expensive in some areas. The answer may be right before your eyes. There are several reasons the services may be expensive. Below are the main reasons why coolsculpting costs vary from place to place.

The Demand of the Services

Some areas have a higher demand for coolsculpting services than others. Thus, service providers need to control the number of bookings they can receive per day. You can directly turn away your customers- it may affect your business negatively. The wise thing to do is to raise the cost of your services. That way, the clients will seek cheaper alternatives elsewhere. 

Experience of the Practitioner

Coolsculpting is a simple procedure. One doesn’t need a great experience to perform a perfect procedure. However, clients tend to believe in the services of experienced practitioners rather than amateurs. 

The demand for experience is one of the reasons why is coolsculpting so expensive. If a practitioner needs to regulate the appointments, they raise the charges. Thus, amateur practitioners get a chance to gain experience. Also, the clients can pay a fair rate for the services. Experienced practitioners are left to deal with clients that don’t mind paying extra for the services. 

Geographical Location

Some areas have high living standards and costs. Everything in that town has a high price. To keep up with such living standards, service providers end up charging high for all their services.

The costs cater to some compulsory charges like rent and taxes. Also, the workers in the spa require a decent salary or commission to afford living there. Thus, it justified the high charges of services in such towns. 

Investment in the Equipment

Coolsculpting equipment is expensive. The shipping cost also raises the cost of the equipment. The service provider pushes the price down to the final client. They also include their profits and the time they need to recover the investment.

The cost, however, is fair. New equipment is effective and offers great results. Also, advanced tech makes your visit to the medi-spa reduce. You may end up paying less than when you go to a cheaper spa with older equipment. 


Those are the reasons why is coolsculpting so expensive in some areas. The reasons may vary from one spa to the other. However, many of the reasons revolve around the points mentioned above. You can check for discounts to get fair prices.