Restaurateurs specialize in coming up with innovative business concepts, serving wonderful meals, and creating memorable guest experiences. And, increasingly, technology is a vital component of that visitor experience. Your website is your company's new front entrance.

The most crucial component of developing an excellent restaurant website design, whether you construct it yourself or hire someone to do it for you, is that it efficiently transmits critical information while also drawing new consumers. you need to choose the best website templates for Restaurant.

As your restaurant improves its digital ordering, takeaway, and delivery options, it's more critical than ever that your restaurant website is well-optimized, allowing visitors to easily locate your restaurant online and find precisely what they're searching for. The basis of any restaurant marketing plan is your website. 

What To Include on your Restaurant Website

1. The Basic Stuff: Address, Phone Number, & Hours

Your location, phone number, and business hours should be prominently displayed on your site. You want to make it as simple as possible for your guests to discover you, so don't make them browse around. Similarly, if your restaurant has many locations, make a list of them all. Aside from providing a pleasant user experience, including correct important information on the homepage will help you rank higher in Google search results.

Your Google My Business information should also be up to date. Because Google is frequently the first place a potential consumer will find your website, make sure your entry is up to date and appropriately contains your hours, locations, and ordering information.

2. Spotlight Your Menu

According to a recent OpenTable poll, a stunning 93 percent of consumers would check through a restaurant's menu before deciding where to eat. Of course, you want your menu to be available on your website. However, there is a precise method to do it in order to make it as accessible to your guests as possible.

Visitors to your website want to be able to read your menu quickly and effortlessly, frequently from their smartphones. Menus should be listed in an easy-to-find (and easy-to-share) web page that can be discovered on both the homepage of your website and in Google results. Also, make sure it's not a PDF or picture, but rather uses HTML for simple searching.

3. Optimize Online Ordering

According to Toast's 2020 Restaurant Guest Report, over 82 percent of guests prefer to order straight from a restaurant's website. That's a gain for you, but you must make it simple for visitors to purchase from you once they arrive at your homepage.

Showcase your menu and direct site visitors to crucial information, all while integrating technology like as online ordering and reservation software. Many Toast restaurants have found success by prominently displaying a "Order Online" button on their homepage, which directs customers to their own online ordering page.

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4. Link Directly to Social Media

Creating a consistent brand experience — on your website, in-person, through email, and on social media — is critical to your marketing efforts. You also want to make it as easy as possible for guests to keep in touch with you, and connecting your social media to your website is an easy way to do this.

Keep your social media pages true to your brand, menu, and culture — no matter the channel. Your social media strategy should make sense as a whole, but you can also fine-tune the content so that it makes sense for the platform. Keep Instagram visual with beautiful photos or behind-the-scenes shots; use Facebook to share updates and create and promote events.

5. Offer Gift Cards and Merchandise

Gift cards and merchandise are both easy ways to drive revenue. And they’re easy ways for your loyal guests to show their love for your restaurant.

For restaurants, gift cards essentially serve as a micro-loan for immediate cash flow — and you can count on that customer coming back again another time. Make sure to promote gift cards front and center on your website to make it even easier for their guests to find both gift cards AND online ordering.