The history of the supply exchanges traces the stages of the appearance of appraisal spaces of the obligations, which thus control until the middle of the nineteenth century, then activities. Formerly, the funding of Venetian and Dutch naval weaponizes in the form of shares remains an exemption. The bonds take their boom as early as the eighteenth century in an already globalized market, supported by reserve banks and also the public treasury. The development of the written press, which publishes program listings, then the telegraph, which relays them quickly, allows firms to publicize their task and also activities to take control of to the middle of the nineteenth century, the development of the paths iron, from the extraction of basic materials as well as beneficial adding to that of financial institutions as well as canals. The stock exchange remains a matter of regions as well as concessions. Till the twentieth century, industrial business only take a minority space, before we after that know a gold age, making use of their economies of scale.


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From loaning financing, business then advanced in the direction of self-financing, scholarships focusing on the evaluation of cost savings. Completion of the twentieth century saw the dematerialization of titles as well as the rise of biotechnology as well as computer technology, revealing high performance, for whom activities are their only financing mode.

The crisis Spanish football top club FC Barcelona does not come to rest. After no more than a year in the office, top club director Ramón Planes has left the club of the German national goalkeeper Marc-Andre TER Steven. As Barça announced on Tuesday, the 54-year-old asked for his contract resolution. Planes was responsible for the obligation of Mittelfieljuwel Pedro. Like the highly indebted club, which had to let his icon Lionel Messi for financial reasons in the summer, planes succession regulates, is still open. The previous consultant Jordi Cuff, son of Barça legend Johan Cuff, could be promoted. After the top cluby descent, the Catalans had separated from coach Ronald Woman at the end of October and replaced him by the longtime midfield star Xavi.

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