A vampire facial or PRP (platelet-rich-plasma) is facial aesthetics treatment that focuses on using a patient’s blood to rejuvenate the body. The blood is extracted and then goes through a spinning process to isolate the plasma that is injected back by piercing the skin with the help of a microneedle. 


During the Vampire Facial Boston, professionals make a mask made from your own blood or platelets rich plasma (PRP).  The technique may terrify you but its results are quite impressive. You will be able to have glow skin after the treatment. 


What exactly is PRP?


When professionals put blood into the centrifuge, it gets divided into three different layers; plasma, blood cells, and red blood cells. PRP is taken out from the center part that is also known as the serum portion. Get  Vampire Facial In Boston to get younger-looking skin. 

Generally, the platelet pockets are known as alpha granules that secretly leave a high degree of development factors. They can be more than twenty in numbers. When professionals again introduce the blood to the skin through a non-invasive procedure, you will experience the stimulation of cell turnover. And in exchange, collagen and elastin are produced to produce a base for a tighter, straighter, and smoother complexion. Get this method done for facial enhancement near me.


What is the vampire facial process like? 


You will be surprised how your blood is applied to your face and why?  The professionals, first, withdraw the blood. Then, they place vials of blood in a centrifuge to separate the platelets from your red blood cells. You can consult about your options at facial spa Boston ma.


The PRP treatment can be combined with other ones including micro-needling with radiofrequency, or a resurfacing laser.  These procedures help to prepare your skin for the treatment to be painted all over it. The paring procedures further help excite collagen production, lighten the fine lines and alleviate wound healing. At some places, the PRP treatment is conducted with the combination of Skin Botox. This includes shallow injections just beneath the surface of the skin containing neurotoxic protein in order to boost the elasticity of the skin for getting the ultimate results. Gather more information about the treatment at the facial spa in Boston.


The recovery time generally depends on the aggressiveness of the microdermabrasion. Therefore it may take more than one day to recover. After the treatment, patients may experience a burning sensation with red bruises over the treated area. This will fade away after some days of the treatment. Your dermatologist will recommend sunscreen. You will be advised not to wear makeup for some days.   


Who can benefit from PRP treatments?


People with premature wrinkles, excessive sun damage, or someone who wishes fresher and even tone complexion are considered the ideal ones for the vampire facial. However, if you already have blood diseases including clotting or bleeding disorders, the following treatment is not good enough for you.  


Patients may experience the only side effects that are red bruises due to getting their blood drawn and minor bruises on the face due to the usage of injections or micro-needling. 


The treatment is highly popular among adults, therefore, if you want to look younger and beautiful, get the treatment done by only professional dermatologists.

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