Lunar Magies arrive at the shore. There's no reason to RuneScape gold be afraid! Control your actions! Lokear shoots a ball of glowing water towards Solarus. You must take off with your leader! Guardians are all shot by Lunar Magi, and Solarian is the only one left. Solarian is the Foolish Lunar Magicians Solarian is 557 on all mages, and the majority of them die. Lokear: My...Isle...will...

Your orb will be in contact with you after the cut-scene has ended. Ethernal Communicator - I think it was a flashback to the events Lokar was telling you. Lokear was able to survive, but was seriously injured and astonishingly weak. 

Lokear was a wizard of a high level and was able to unravel the mysteries of Solar Isle. Lokear lives on Waterbirth Island at the highest level. I am able to teleport you to him, if needed. But, I am unable to slowly teleport you, and you'll lose all the prayer points you have.

Return to the hut of Savarain. Do you return with the Ethernal Staff Here's the scoop. It's fantastic. Now I need you to run tasks. Solar Guardian gives you a scroll. Come and to Supernova's Hole. Find what you're looking for in the scroll.

Five sets of Nightmare Logs. How to obtain First, you'll need Dream Logs. There are many of them on Solar Isle. Return to the Sayaniona's Lair, and go until you reach the room that is shared with Greater Sayaniona's. There is an opening in the wall towards the rear of the room. There is a tiny bedroom, like the one you find in the Player Owned House. It is possible to buy old school runescape gold access Dreamland by stepping out of the bed.