Plant-Based Shrimp Entrée Bowls Market Forecast and CAGR

According to the latest research by Transparency Market Research, the plant-based shrimp entrée bowls market is set to witness significant growth during 2021-2031. Demand for plant-based shrimp entrée bowls has increased due to the growing popularity of veganism as well as the environment and ethical concern arises, there is high demand for vegan seafood different from before. With the surge of COVID-19, it has been observed that people are shifting towards the plant-based product over non-vegetarian products therefore plant-based shrimp entrée bowls is considered as better alternative.

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What is Driving Demand for Plant-Based Shrimp Entrée Bowls?

Plant-Based shrimp entrée bowls are lab-grown seafood, including shrimp made out of plant-based or vegan-friendly shrimp alternatives and grown without any slathering of any animal.  The plant-based shrimp entrée bowls has generated a demand in recent years as the vegetarian and vegan option becomes closer in texture and taste to the original. Millions of people have been observed with seafood allergies, with the help of plant-based products they can add a healthy diet and offer nutritional benefits as plant-based seafood does not smell like fish, zero-mercury, and no concern of micro-plastic and a feel-good way to address global overfishing concern.

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Shifting Consumer Preference from Sea-food Shrimp to Plant-based Shrimp Entrée Bowls

It has been observed that Plant-Based shrimp products are appealing to the majority of the consumer to emphasize personal attributes such as freshness, familiarity as the plant-based product are look-alike and gives the same feel as the original without disturbing the sea-life. The population are more conscious about the aquatic-life and shifting towards the alternative product which gives the same nutritious value, texture, and taste, Plant-based product is considered as the best alternative as it is good in nutrition content such as fibers, proteins and taste alike shrimp entrée bowls is the best-preferred choice.

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U.S Demand Outlook for Plant-Based Shrimp Entrée Bowls Market

The U.S market for plant-based fish products is been witnessed a shift towards plant-based products for the coming years. According to the market study, it was observed that two-fifth of the population are not vegan and tried consuming plant-based foods in their diets. Here company likes Impossible Foods, Archer Daniels, and Kellogg’s got a valuable opportunity to increase their product line as people are shifting towards Plant-based products which can be observed with the growth of restaurants to more than 20,000 serving the plant-based product. Moreover, the companies are planning to expand their firm to fulfill the future demand for the product, and a company like New Wave Foods is a perfect example for the same as the company has invested a great amount in its plant-based shrimp company.

Europe Demand Outlook for Plant-Based Shrimp Entrée Bowls Market

Europe is expected to emerge as the world’s largest vegan food market especially a country like the United Kingdom where nearly half of all Britons are reducing their intake of animal products in tandem due to rising animal humanization needs. The main reason for switching to a plant-based diet is mainly the citizen's concern for the environment. According to the survey of Vegan Society as of 2018 with a sample size of 2,000 and aged above 15 across Wales, Scotland and England discovered the rise in the percentage of consumption of plant based product in consecutive years.

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Who are some of the Key Manufacturers in the Plant-Based Shrimp Entrée Bowls Market?

Gardein, Good Catch Foods, IKEA’s “SJÖRAPPORT” Seaweed Pearls, VBites, Vivera, The Vegetarian Butcher, Quorn Foods, Tofurky, Fry Family Food, Oumph!, Linda McCartney Foods, New Wave, Ocean Hugger Foods, Quorn, Sophie’s Kitchen, Tofuna Fysh, Ocean Hugger Foods, Loma Linda, BeLeaf, BlueNalu, Homemade, Impossible Foods, Archer Daniels, Kellogg’s, Final Thought, CLO-CLO vegan foods and others.

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