According to fire sprinkler system specialists, following a regular cleaning plan should be viewed as a fire protection strategy rather than a janitorial task. When a professional cleans a hood, it helps to minimize costly damage by eliminating fire risks from the region where most restaurant fires occur. Hood cleaning includes cleaning the regions around fire suppression systems, as well as the hoods, ducts, & fans.

According to the Fire Protection experts, hood cleaners must take precautions to avoid getting caustic chemicals inside the bracket where the fire suppression system's fusible link is situated. If grease begins to build up inside the pipe, the experts recommend that the fire suppression system installer be called to replace the pipes or to clean them.

Hood cleaners also must ensure that the red caps on fire suppression nozzles are intact during and after cleaning. If they are left hanging, grease will likely build up and clog the nozzles. In the event that the fire suppression system is activated, clogged nozzles could hinder the system's ability to put out the fire.

Cleaning these systems requires more than putting soap, water & elbow grease to work. The grease collected in a kitchen presents a special fire hazard that must be removed with chemicals and high-powered machinery used by trained professionals.

NFPA Standard 96 outlines the minimum fire safety requirements related to the design, installation, operation, inspection & maintenance of all public and private commercial-grade cooking operations. These requirements include exhaust hoods, ductwork and fans; grease removal devices, dampers, fire extinguishing equipment, and components or systems involved in capturing, containing, and controlling grease buildup.

The provisions of this standard are important when it comes to providing a reasonable level of protection from loss of life & property from fire and explosion," according to the International Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning Association.

Regular maintenance of a restaurant's kitchen exhaust system is an integral part of defending a kitchen against fire hazards, according to the IKECA website. Keeping a system working at its best means smoke and grease is exhausted from the building to provide a cleaner, cooler kitchen and better working environment for staff.

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