A kid’s scoter is a vehicle with two or three small wheels joined to the bottom of a narrow board and a long vertical handle fixed to the front wheel. The scooter is designed in a way that the rider stands with one foot on the board and pushes against the ground with the other foot, while turning the handle to direct movement. Scooting helps in increasing mobility, height, immunity, and also gives self-confidence and traffic understanding, along with developing many mechanical and technical skills. Schools in developed countries are encouraging children to indulge in scooting as an activity which helps to lead a healthy life. To motivate the kids, many schools provide storage and racks for parking, as kids love scooting in their leisure time and have adopted it as an activity.

Key Drivers of the Kids Scooter Market

Growing desire among parents to boost their child’s health is expected to be the main factor driving the demand for kids scooters. Various health experts have suggested that scooting can enhance body functionalities such as metabolism, cardiopulmonary health, and blood circulation. Growing popularity of kids scooters, coupled with increasing need to seek an alternative mode of transportation that is cleaner, greener, and cheaper, is expected to expand the kids scooter market. Non-governmental organizations in countries such as the U.K. and Switzerland are encouraging schools and parents to popularize kids scooting. Apart from this, various campaigns encourage more children to cycle or scoot to their classrooms. These factors act as drivers and pushes the demand for kids scooters at the global level.

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Mergers & Acquisitions Creating Opportunities in the Kids Scooter Market

In 2021, Bird, the electric scooter company went public via a reverse merger with a special acquisition company, or SPAC. Bird is merging with Switchback II Corporation, a Dallas-based “blank check” company focusing on companies reducing carbon emissions, according to documents reviewed by the website. In 2019, Ojo, a California electric scooter company acquired Gotcha, a scooter and bike rental service. This is another sign that the shared micro mobility industry is oversaturated and needs to consolidate. Such deals could present scooter companies with opportunities to break into new cities and markets, while some experts opine that mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in the space could improve the quality of the products available to consumers. These mergers & acquisitions create new opportunities for the product in the market.

Accident & Injuries a Restraint of the Kids Scooter Market

While kids scooters help children move around, concerns have been raised over safety. According to the Nationwide Children’s Hospital, kids scooters have been responsible for 5.80 lakh injuries between 2000 and 2011 in the U.S., while in New Zealand, as per the Accident Compensation Corporation, child scooter-related injury claims increased from 1,000 in 2008 to more than 6,000 in 2012. Of these, 80% were caused by loss of balance or control and 10% by collisions. These factors are expected to limit the scope for kids scooters and act as restraints for the market.

Europe the Dominant Market

Every day around 4 lakh children in Switzerland drive to school by scooter. The company, Micro Mobility, provides training programs on safety and correct handling techniques on Micro Mobility Day. Each year, more than six thousand children participate in the training course. The course focuses on braking technologies as well as understanding and awareness related to danger. Such initiatives are expected to have a positive impact on product adoption, which in turn, makes Europe the dominant market for kids scooters.

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Key Players Operating in the Global Market

Companies are working on product innovation and development to expand their customer base. Furthermore, key companies are adopting the merger and acquisition strategy to improve their market revenue at the global level.

Some of the major companies identified in the kids scooter market are:

  • Micro Scooters Ltd
  • Fuzion Scooter
  • Swifty Scooters Ltd
  • Globber; Smoby
  • Oxelo

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