Cenforce 120 used for sexual weakness, such as erectile disorder and impotence in males. It blocks the enzyme phosphodiesterase, that results in increased blood flow to the penis during sexual stimulation. Sildenafil is the primary ingredient that permits the proper flow of blood into one specific area of the body, due to which men can experience an effective and prolonged penile erection. It is also recommended to patients suffering from with pulmonary arterial hypertension as well as benign prostatic hyperplasia because the medication relaxes the smooth muscles and boosts the amount of blood flowing. It is a powerful drug and a single tablet can be helpful to achieve a firm erection. The drug takes effect within 30-40 minutes of administration and continues to work for approximately four to five hours.

Because Cenforce's 120 mg is a PDE-5 inhibitor, they dissolve in the body. The muscles become stiffer and weaken and allow a sufficient space for blood vessels to move into their relaxed position. As blood vessels relax it increases blood flow and blood pressure is adjusted to normal levels. This same process takes position in the penile area which allows for a substantial quantity of flow to the erection.

Cenforce 120 DOSAGE:

Cenforce tablets of 120 mg to be taken at least once a day.
Cenforce 120 tablets should be taken 15 to 30 min prior to sexual encounter. Tablet is best taken orally along with an ice cube and a glass of water.
It is Cenforce 120 mg tablets can be taken either before or after eating. Sildenafil citrate tablet takes longer to work in the event of fatty food or alcohol. Therefore, avoid heavy fats in your food and alcohol prior to deciding to take Cenforce 120 mg

Cenforce 120 Side effects:

There are usually no side consequences of Cenforce 120 mg. However, some of the most commonly known adverse effects include:

Bladder Pain
Burning Feeling in The Chest or Stomach
Abnormal Vision
Bleeding of The Eye
Blurred Vision
Urinary tract infections
Sensitivity to light
Vision disturbances
Muscle pains

Cenforce 120 STORAGE:

Keep the Cenforce 120mg tablet at room temperatures in a dark, clean and dry location.

Cenforce 120 PRECAUTIONS:

When taking Cenforce 120 it is essential to inform a healthcare professional about all medical background, current medical conditions and any medications taken to determine whether Cenforce is safe for you to consume. It could cause a flare-up in a medicinal circumstance, which may require dose adjustments. The medicine may not be safe for a specific medical condition, which may make it unsuitable. It could also trigger an adverse reactions when it interacts with other medications. Cenforce 120 mg shouldn't be used if you are suffering from any reaction Sildenafil Citrate in any component of this drug. It is recommended to use this medication cautiously if you suffer from an issue with your blood vessels or the heart. It is not recommended to take it more often than once every daily. Cenforce 120 mg is not recommended to take with Nitrate medication due to extreme hypotension. Drinking alcohol in conjunction with Cenforce could cause a worsening of side effects, and it is best to avoid this. Avoid driving or operating large machinery while using this medication.