World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, which will be released this fall, will bring players into the world of death. After players complete the upgrade, they will choose to join one of the four factions that rule Shadowlands.

The operation of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is similar to that of Shattrath in World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade. Although you can change your mind after choosing a faction, the process of switching is not easy. After the player makes a choice, the game will unlock a unique battle for you, just like their experience in World of Warcraft: Legion's class. In order to make your choice easier, we have compiled each covenant guide:

Kyrian: Shepherd of the dead dedicated to self-improvement.
Necrolords: The militant necromancer, responsible for defending the Shadowlands.
Night Fae: Guard Loa, the souls of ancient creatures and nature spirits, and they prepare for rebirth.
Venthyr: A noble vampire who recovers evil souls.

After joining the covenant, players will gain thematic special abilities, thereby augmenting your class powers. Regardless of their class, each covenant has a signature utility function for all members. The effect of this function will be previewed when you upgrade.

Players can also perform Soulbind with the three members of the "Covenant" to establish a close relationship with them, so that they can lend you strength and enhance the "Covenant" and class abilities. If you want to get more of these benefits, then you have to increase your reputation in the Covenant.

The endgame of Shadowlands has focused on improving the Renown test of the Covenant of your choice, instead of the usual Renown. You will have the opportunity to complete the task of raising your Renown level, but only twice a week. The mission will let you enter the gumball adventure in the end of the land alone, in order to save the soul belonging to your covenant, and the other is to ask you to collect a certain number of anima. In addition, if you still want to get Renown, it should still be available through the "Covenant" activities.

Although the goal is to stably gain prestige in the WOW Classic Gold For Sale game, if you take some time to leave the game or divide your focus on multiple characters, the developers will make it easier for you to keep up. After completing the endgame dungeons, raids and PvP battles, you will gain extra Renown until you reach the current highest level of the game.

Although players want to stably gain reputation in the game, if they can spend some time hanging up or distracting their attention on multiple characters, the system will make it easier for them to keep up. If you want to gain extra fame, then you have to complete endgame dungeons, raids, and PvP battles until you reach the game's current maximum level.

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