Serviced Apartments in Chennai is the furnished one available for both long-term and short-term stays which offers a range of services, housekeeping, and amenities for guests and where most utilities and taxes are included with the rental price. 

Unbelievable Fascinating Facts About Serviced Apartments:

Offers More Space:

Areas of the smallest serviced apartments in superior properties are usually three times larger than an average room of the hotel. So, a 1BHK booked serviced apartment is similar to booking three hotel rooms. This spaciousness allows people to relax freely as it consists of separate areas for the kitchen, dining, living with at least one bedroom and two restrooms which would make the setup extremely equivalent to that of the home thereby making them feel at ease.

Provides Privacy:

Serviced apartments provide sufficient privacy on contrary to the rooms of the hotel where even a 1BHK is constructed with four different areas with various doors to separate each space. So, each family member or friend can have their own private space and yet have group discussion and meetings within the privacy of the apartment in the living room.

Entitles More Amenities:

Serviced apartments are entitled to more amenities apart from ACs in each room, fridge, TVs, complimentary bottled water, and free Wi-Fi along with getting access to the Club House that includes a gymnasium, yoga room, swimming pool, squash court, children play areas, conference hall, and a badminton court. A dryer and a washing machine, cookware, and cook utensils are also offered to make one’s own meals in their kitchen.

Contributes More Comfortability:

Serviced apartments consist of a fully designed kitchen that contains crockeries which gives the freedom of making own meals according to each one’s preferences. This will give such a great comfortability of living in a luxury home as the desired meal can be taken on a pleasant sofa while watching the favorite movie  So, these types of apartments come fully furnished with all required amenities where there won’t be any necessity of stepping out of the room for anything.

Thus, all the above are also unbelievable fascinating facts about serviced Apartments in OMR which has become popular over the years due to their unique features associated with them.