It is best to purchase luminous from a professional store. But you can do it yourself.

To create a glowing paint, you only need to mix two components:

transparent acrylic varnish;
a fluorescent powder pigment that can be purchased from a specialist retailer or online.
It is advisable to immediately select the second ingredient by color - the colorless polymer pigment loses its fluorescent properties to a large extent during tinting.

One part of the powder is taken into four parts of the varnish, the composition is thoroughly mixed, and after that you can start the staining process.

Surface preparation for painting
To create a high-quality coating, several conditions must be met:

There should be no chalk or lime on the surface.

The base must be cleaned or washed from dirt and dried.

Before applying the "visible" paint, it is recommended to cover the surface with a white acrylic primer.

In application, fluorescent acrylic paints practically do not differ from similar compositions without a "magic" pigment. If we are not talking about an aerosol, then the following tools will be required:

paint roller,
you can also use a spray gun.
Fluorescent dyes are usually applied in two layers. The more layers there are, the brighter the glow effect will be. The time interval between staining should be at least three hours. Complete drying occurs in a day.

You need to store the coloring agent in a tightly closed container, so the best option for long-term storage is paint in cans.