So you want to rank high your blog, but how to do it is the biggest question? If yes, you are in the right place. Today, we will familiarize you with some pro tips suggested by professional SEO Company in Ahmadabad, India.

What are these tips? Let’s find out ahead!

SEO Friendly Blog

Of course, you want to rank high and for that, you need to create your blog as per SEO guidelines and requirements. How exactly can you do that? Well, add quality keywords, include links, backlinks, and images. Also, don’t forget to keep the content quality high and resolve all grammar issues before making your blog live.

Don’t Exceed the Link number more than 100

Adding links into your blog is great but doing it too much isn’t a smart move. So don’t exceed the link numbers more than 100.

Why 100? Well, because Google can’t index above 100 kb of a page, which is equal to 100 links.

But what happens in case you put more than 100 links?

In this case, Google can crawler your website or blog and consider it as spam. Moreover, no matter what you are doing it’s useful as long as you are doing it legitimately. Even if you are passing over the limit of 100 links, it must justify your action.

Keep the Important Content in top pixels

This may sound pretty normal, but keeping the valuable content above the fold has always helped to get maximum traffic on the website. Try to keep those important details above 768 pixels. Experts state that the readers spend 80% of their time on the top portion of the blog and only 20% on the bottom.

This led us to an important topic – sliders. Apart from the fact that the sliders may confuse the user, if used at a justified position it can be utmost useful. In simple words, ensure that the slider is the first thing your user sees when they arrive at your website or blog page. Even if you hire the renowned SEO Ahmedabad Services, they will do the same.

Let the Ad space be Limited

Ad space is trending everywhere as they can help you to earn extra. But nobody likes to read a blog filled with Ads. That’s why it’s crucial to limit your Ad space areas so that the reader can pay attention to the ad and your blog at the same time. Plus, having too many ads on your website can slow down the load time of your page.Also, people don’t like to see a lot of ads and might thumb down your blog post. If you want to use the ad precisely, ensure that it’s either on the top or at the bottom. It must not interrupt the reader by popping right in the middle of the text of your blog.

Don’t add big images

Pictures indeed speak louder than the words, but covering the entire blog with huge pictures isn’t a good idea either. Use 3 to 5 images for 500 words and 5 to 10 images for 1000+ words. Just keep in mind that all the images are of small size. It makes the user attract towards the content more than just staring at the images.

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