Nevertheless, getting the 3D makeover to Diablo 2 Items appear as great as it will took considerable effort towards bringing all the 2D resources over.

"Some of the very first games I worked on were sprite-based games," Rob Gallerani recalls. "When you examine a sprite going up against a wall they are faking the fact that a character looks facing some bits and supporting other bits. And the way that you do this is that you really create a small amount of space from the wall. If you know the Diablo II mini-map you'll know that your personality is just like a little'X' on the map, a tiny plus. In reality your character is that plus, you're not 1 block you're five blocks. And that is to be certain that you're a certain distance away from a wall socket."

"We do not get to do this because we actually are in 3D," Rob continues. "The exact same goes for some of the effects where the old game only did a pallet swap. Take each the colors and flip them so now you're utilizing a different set of 16 colors. We can not do that, we've got normal maps, texture maps, real time lighting. It is entirely different technology."

"The way a character turns green when they become poisoned -- armour and most importantly," Rod Fergusson adds. "It had no basis in fact, it seems like your own armour's poisoned too. When you've got a poorly established render, that is really focused on how substances respond to light. So that the idea of painting them green to showcase poison, there is more nuance to Cheap Diablo 2 Resurrected Items it in relation to getting that same clarity. Stuff like a sword that now has an ice capability. That becomes the tricky part."