When one talks about the best travel destinations in India, the first name that pops up is undoubtedly the historical city of Agra. Agra is one of the best and more coveted tourist places in India. Over the years it has attracted visitors, historians, scholars, and even laymen who have traveled to Agra to see the wonderful traces of art and architecture.

Agra is one of the oldest cities in the Indian subcontinent and has been a very popular tourist destination over the years. Tourists from all over the world come to the city to see the traces of history left from time to time in every nook and corner of this wonderful city.

The main reasons to visit Agra are:

It is one of the seven wonders of the world, it is the Taj Mahal and the old fort of Agra that stand as a symbol of India's rich glorious past.

It takes you back to the historical times as the city still has the ancient aura of a glorious past.

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The unique cuisine of the place will surely make you feel like heaven
Well-connected mode of transport which facilitates same-day trips is another important reason.

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Agra is well connected to major regions and major cities of India by bus services and several trains to the nearest and most popular New Delhi. One can just have a small bag tour and visit this wonderful place in just one day, even by using Same day Agra tour by Car packages which many travel agents like Osmani Taj Tour and even That is also the best tour service guide provided by online. There are packages for all types of budgets and all are readily available.