Cenforce 200mg is an oral erectile treatment that effectively works to promote and sustain healthy blood flow for a man's penis for a more stable and harder erection. It also lowers the risk of developing erectile dysfunction (ED). Cenforce 200mg also is known as sildenafil Citrate. This type of erectile treatment can also be used to treat erectile dysfunctions, such as due to old age, hormonal problems, and underperforming nerve connections in the penile area.

Consult your doctor to determine the right dosage for Cenforce 100mg and to discuss its potential side effects. Your doctor will take into account whether you have a history of erectile dysfunctions and if you are currently taking other medicines. He will also consider the amount of erectile functioning you exhibit. In addition, your doctor will calculate how much of the daily intake of Cenforce should be devoted to its purpose, which is to promote healthier blood flow. Your physician may recommend a dosage that matches your requirements based on your physical condition.