Scientifically, spider veins are known as telangiectasias. The victim may experience clustered veins in red, blue, or purple color on the surface of the skin of the legs or face. These abnormal veins don’t cause any serious health concerns but their unsightly appearance irritates them a lot. As a result, they want to get rid of them as soon as possible. However, there is not a certain cause behind their occurrence. Some of the major ones are obesity, genetics, older age, and hormonal imbalance, etc. 


Initially, patients may suffer minor discomforts but over time, you might seek medical treatment to eliminate them permanently. There are various types of treatments available requiring spider vein treatment at a certified vein clinic.




Treatment options for Spider Vein:


  • Sclerotherapy:


It is the commonest vein treatment for spider veins used by most vein clinics. During this treatment, the vein doctors inject a certain type of sclerosing agent into the vein directly. This solution makes the diseased vein get shrunk and get collapsed slowly and gradually by the body itself. This solution is known as hypertonic. Patients might experience slight pain or discomfort during the injection process otherwise the treatment is safe. 


You may also experience some of the side effects after the treatment such as staining, telangiectatic matting, shadowing, and temporary ulceration. But these are not permanent. They fade away with time. 


  • Laser Treatment:


Whether you have spider veins on the face or legs, this vein treatment near me is awesome for both types. It consists of luminous beams transmitted to the diseased veins directly to get them sealed off and ultimately make them dissolved. The patients will be able to get quicker results. Get the treatment done only by a vein specialist.


  • Lifestyle modification:


If you can adopt proper skin hygiene, lose weight, and regular practice of brisk walking in order to help ease the symptoms of spider veins. However, these are not the permanent solutions to the problem but can help prevent the symptoms of unsightly veins. Consult a vein doctor near me first before adopting any form of exercise. 




  • Use of support Stockings:


It is also not a permanent solution as it only suppresses the symptoms of unsightly veins. These compression stockings can relieve discomfort or pain on a temporary basis. You can purchase them from any pharmacy store nearby. They are available in different sizes, pick them according to your doctor’s recommendations. You can find them in above-the-knee, below-the-knee, and in pantyhose styles. You can also purchase them from a vein specialist near me.


  • Radiofrequency Occlusion Method:


This method involves the usage of a tiny catheter that is inserted into the affected veins directly. Then the professionals deliver the radiofrequency energy through the lining of the affected veins in order to get them to collapse and shut immediately. This method is performed under local anesthesia. 


  • Surgery: 


Surgical techniques involve ligation and stripping processes. This method is conducted under the administration of local or general anesthesia. It is considered the ultimate option of the treatment. 


Since the spider vein treatments are a long-term process, therefore, you are advised to go through the consultation process first before choosing any treatment type. 


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