Canon is a renowned manufacturer of printers, cameras, and other devices for imaging. For businesses and home use, Canon offers various printer models. These printers have a user-friendly interface and provide excellent services. However, a small percentage of Canon printer owners experience problems with paper feeds on the device. The problem is caused by improper paper settings in the printer. When your Canon printer displays problems with paper feed, you need to check for settings that can fix.

Common causes behind Canon printer paper not feeding error

  1. Paper source settings that are not correct
  2. The paper quality isn't great.
  3. Foreign object that is not in the cassette or paper tray
  4. Pages aren't inserted correctly
  5. The paper roller isn't working.

Troubleshooting Canon printer paper feed error:

Check your source of paper settings

The Canon printer will show paper feed errors if the settings are not correct. You must check the driver for the printer to adjust your paper sources settings.

  1. Go to the printer driver window.
  2. Tap on the source of the paper
  3. On the tab for paper, source selects the appropriate source for your paper.
  4. For plain paper, automatically.
  5. Click OK, and then your printer will be using the right source of paper
  6. Open the driver and then click on the tab for maintenance
  7. Choose paper source settings
  8. A simple paper-based setting dialog box will be displayed.

Select the default setting for plain paper, then tap on OK. Close the driver for your printer and try loading the paper.

Pages to check on tray

Sometimes, users forget to load the pages on the right tray. When you print you are able to load pages onto a cassette or the rear tray based on the selection of pages. If you print, you might encounter a loading error if you've selected the cassette, but the pages can be loaded only from the back tray. Review the settings for the paper and then place the pages in the right tray.

reset Canon printer Canon printer

If you're unable to set the Canon printer correctly, try setting it up. If your canon printer mg7520 error code b203 and then all settings will return to the default, and any errors will be fixed. However, if you choose to do the reset factory, the previously adjusted settings will disappear. The password for the printer will be reset.

  1. Press the reset button to access the Canon Control Panel for the printer
  2. Go to soft reset, then choose reset. Soft reset.
  3. Click the arrow to select Reset. Hard Reset
  4. Press the Yes button and then wait

After you reset to reset the Canon printer, look for the error on the paper load. If the issue is resolved, then you can go to your Canon printer and change the password. This will allow the user to connect to the Canon printer without issue.

Look over the tray and cassette to see if there is a foreign item

Sometimes the paper loading displays problems due to foreign material. Visit the try area and check the paper properly. When working with foreign objects, such as pen or paper clip item from the table ends up into the tray, causing the printer in error. Make sure to check for the paper jam. Clear the clutter and then examine for issues with loading paper.

Check the quality of the paper

The printer has issues when feeding paper when the quality isn't good. The reason for this is as a result of the humidity. The roller cannot draw the page properly. Make sure the humidity is in check and load fresh dry pages onto the roller. Additionally these sheets should not be wrinkled or curled.

If the pages are too thin or heavy the pages should be reissued during loading. It is important to should also examine the size of the paper since the printer cannot use small pages. If you're printing on envelopes or postcards make sure you make sure you check both sides. The double flap envelopes typically exhibit issues when printing. Pages that have holes, staples, glue or glitter can indicate problems with loading paper. Check that the tray isn't overloaded.